It didn't take long after the Finsbury van attack for the police to come out issuing statements that it was "only Muslims" harmed in the attack, or for Theresa May to condemn the events as "every bit as sickening" as the Muslim nail-bombing of British children in Manchester and to "remind us that hatred and extremism take on many forms". Of course what we won't see are Ministers and community leaders stepping forward to defend the White population and speak against any backlash or reprisals.

This is exactly what they had ought to do, but they won't, because they don't want to acknowledge that the Muslim community are the primary aggressors, ready to engage in inter-ethnic conflict and indiscriminate vengeful violence. Not the perpetual victims as portrayed in the media and parroted by witless virtue signallers on auto-playing Facebook videos.

Unlike the "lone wolf" attacks by Muslims against Whites — which are always followed by mass raids and arrests — we have seen several real lone wolf attacks by White males against minority groups. This sort of violence is not something that we advocate for at all. To bring it to a close we must acknowledge the real cause of it — which is not at its root based in the clichés presented to us: pure evil, irrational phobias or alternative-media.


The cause of the Finsbury attack is the colonisation of London (and the UK more generally) by Muslims — and more pointedly, it's the refusal of British politicians to voice White concerns and advocate for White interests. Democracy was set up in part to serve as a release valve to populist pressures, and the piping has been intentionally gummed up by special interests.

To support this claim we need only look at the Dylan Roof incident. Following months of burgeoning anti-White rhetoric from the Media (mostly through Black Lives Matter coverage), and indeed years of neglected Black-on-White crimes, Dylann Roof snapped and lashed out aginst a society that is structurally and institutionally rigged against him. In his explanation of his motives to carry out his attack he cited a website created by the Council of Concerned Citizens.

This website merely reported the facts of the Black-on-White crime epidemic. The mass robbery, rape and murder of White Americans by Blacks. Roof expressed his shock at learning that these gruesome cases recieved no national coverage, while the obvious self-defence shooting (as found in court) of Trayvon Martin by the Hispanic Zimmerman got worldwide coverage and the narrative of White-on-Black persecution was maintained even after being exposed as fiction in the courtroom. Zimmerman remains, to this day, a reviled and chastised man. His crime: refusing to be yet another unimportant hyperlink on the Council of Concerned Citizens webste.

So here we have a young man who committed a crime and explained his motivation to investigtors, the entire recording of the interrogation can be found on youtube. In it he explains that his attack was inspired by the mainstream medias villification of Whites and the totally disporportionate — and unreported — rate of crime against Whites by Blacks.

This concept shouldn't be hard for the geniuses at the Guardian to understand. Afterall, they project this motivation onto Islamic terrorists and Black thugs all the time despite the perpetrators' explanations to the contrary. Here we have someone actually echoing their explanation.

How did the media respond to his admission? The people who inarguably bear the brunt of the social blame responded by twiddling their thumbs through the entire discussion and zooming in on the fact he got a cheeseburger at the end of it. Here was the structural racism on full display! Here was the White Privilege conspiracy theory finally caught on camera!

With details still missing from the Finsbury van attack, attributing specific motivations is speculation at this point. Who knows whether it was the Police and Government coverup of the mass rape of 1400 White girls in Rotherham by Arab paedophiles, the Guardian's apologism for the black-led London riots, the Independent's insistence that in the wake of the Manchester attack England should 'do nothing', the beheading of British troops on British streets or any other number of other attacks upon England by its unrecognised enemies within its gates.


What's for certain is that politics and the media has to change because reality won't. The longer the powers that be insist upon their selfish inertia, as long as they insist that the status-quo is set in stone, and that our course towards the total ethnic cleansing of Whites from all White areas is to be maintained, then they ensure that this sort of disillusioned violence is inevitable.

Instead of this being seen for what it is by the likes of the ABC, that is: the tragic expression of a people without legal recourse or political defence from the violence being visited upon them by hostile colonisers. It is instead seized upon as yet another chance to agitate against Whites. The ABC suggested both online and via TV that the incident was being treated leniently because the perpetrator is White. And the fact that he is White couldn't have been emphasised more. Without name, context or calls to "wait for more details" they were screaming his race from the rooftops.

Is there any doubt that these anti-White loons want doors kicked in and organisations shut down, Nigel Farage thrown in jail for an unfounded Russian-conspiracy, and any other retribution they could visit upon a people already robbed of their homeland and denied a future?