With Parliament recalled to sit today, pundits around the country wait with bated breath hoping it will prove the trigger for a double-dissolution election on July 2. The polls are as exciting as ever with Newspoll showing Labor up by two to the Liberals in the two party preferred, 51-49 per cent, though Fairfax-Ipsos has it neck and neck at 50-50.

What is this trigger? Ostensibly it’s the reintroduction of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. In an ideal society there would be a place for such a commission but in the present reality that a recalcitrant Senate refusing to pass the bill is perceived as a harbinger of stasis evokes equal parts laughter and disgust, both filtered with the requisite Millennial irony.

*Tanya Plibersek being snubbed in today's prorogued Parliament by the Governor General, General Sir Peter Cosgrove AK, MC. GG, GG Cosgrove*

This deadlock is symbolic of what both sides of politics have become since the passing of giants such as Menzies and Calwell.

On the one hand Labor has received around $5m from the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union the past four elections. They then turn a blind eye to the CFMEU who currently have 100 officials before the courts on 1000 or so charges, such as one delightful fellow Halafihi Kivalu who has pleaded guilty to extorting tens of thousands of dollars from builders. The CFMEU would be more or less the sole target of the ABCC.

On the other hand there is the Liberal Party who rely on donations from developers to stay solvent, and they therefore have an interest in seeing construction being unhampered by union thugs. The current Ponzi scheme that is the Australian economy is propped up by property development, so having this known threat to it removed from the picture may help to silence the obvious questions about the long-term viability of “foreign investment”. The Chinese have now limited annual outflow to $US50,000 and when it is estimated that 40 per cent of new home purchases are made by foreigners this could spell disaster — foreign residential takeover went from $34.7bn in 2013–14 to $60.8bn in 2014–15.

The common good is not represented on either aisle of Parliament, only sectional interests. Would it be believed then that Sydney Uni students are asserting their ethnic genetic interests? A senior tutor in the Business School has been caught red handed defaming his students on ethnic grounds on social media, with one of his students saying “this stupid kid is suffering from the most severe case of internalised racism and the hatred he has shown only proves his ignorance”. Another opined how he could teach students whose ethnicity he hates without any prejudice.

These are all feels felt by young Alt-Rightists going through higher education one way or another. Conversely, they also are very different. These are the feels of Chinese students, indignant that their ethnically Chinese tutor Wu Wei, now an Australian citizen, would dare privately think thoughts about the lack of creativity his Chinese students have compared to White Australians, and the fact that they utilise plagiarism services to complete coursework.

The Dean of the University's Business School Professor Greg Whitwell made a statement in relation to these allegations saying; “the Business School and the University of Sydney note the allegations made against a tutor and view them extremely seriously,” and furthermore “the Business School is currently investigating these allegations.”

*Wu Wei a supreme gentleman who dindu nuffin wrong*

This only can be a welcome start in a return to interests, and with the University’s backing of ethnic interests the future looks very bright indeed. This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pathologised ethnic self-hatred being passed on from teacher to student. A search for a supervisor in the field of postcolonial studies yields well over one hundred academics in eleven departments at USyd. The number of students being supervised for academic posts here would significantly multiply this number.

The trouble with this method of inquiry is that a field like postcolonialism would have many interested persons involved without being outright sympathetic to the anti-White political goals. Secondly, this lists all possible supervisors in the department which doesn’t necessarily mean a listed academic has any expertise here — you’d have to go through their bibliography and teaching history to properly know. But, it is still indicative of an anti-White bias nonetheless.

There is no hiding the political nature of fields such as “whiteness studies” and “critical race theory”. A search for supervisors pulls up the departments of Gender and Cultural Studies and Sociology and Social Policy, which were also listed under postcolonialism. Going through the listed academics’ bibliographies unmasks them as the nutters and ne’er-do-wells we were looking for. Exhibit A, the unfortunately named Fiona Robyn-Rapsey with work such as “Dingoes and dog-whistling: a cultural politics of race and species in Australia”. I rest my case.

All that’s needed now are for students to be like their Chinese classmates and make it known that attacks on their very being will not be tolerated. When you consider what happened in another university last week and the responses by White students this seems highly unlikely.

Drunken revelry is the benchmark of good society. Or at least it is to the student. The uni student of yesteryear, perhaps, because the student of today trips over himself with self-imposed speech codes to fall in line with the status quo. Some students at Phillip Baxter College at UNSW caused a bit of a fuss “being caught” singing a bawdy song with perfectly harmless and hilarious lyrics like “I wish that all the ladies were buns in the oven, and if I was a baker I’d cream them by the dozen.” The usual cat ladies said this song glorifies rape, which is sheer nonsense, but that’s not what’s shocking.

*James Dunn, president of Phillip Baxter College*

Residents of the college have since signed an apology and the College president has put himself on a public show trial vowing to change the college culture. Bringing himself up to speed with the latest ideological fad isn’t enough, he must be an active part of the broader change — “I'm sort of condemning my own actions at this time, and the actions of everyone in the video,” he said.

There’s a paradox that involves a simple solution. When the left take over an institution they attempt to make their narrative hegemonic and punish any transgressions against it — regular people will not assert themselves in this environment. When the left are not entirely hegemonic they will bluff and force others to think the emperor is wearing clothes and acquiesce to their demands averting any dissent. In this latter picture destroying the left and their totalitarian impulse is much easier and it will stop the first from arising. Whichever scenario is in play people must agitate against the demands of the left, no matter how trivial, in order to reverse the situation. But they don’t.

The lads from Baxter College should crash a Women’s Collective meeting, especially if it is a “safe space” or “autonomous zone”, bring a slab or two of veebs and sing even bawdier songs until the harridans drop any complaints and demands. They should then proceed to make it known to the University that their way of life is nonnegotiable; they will not be reconstructed and frankly do not give a damn.

The left do not stop in their demands and do not care how stupid they look while making them, they know regular people will not call their bluff or fight back. In effect they’re asking for no quarter, for the gloves to come off. If that’s the way they want it, let’s make sure it is the way they get it. It’s one concession we can make and the least we could do.

Metapolitical work and community building are required to bring back the testicular fortitude of our young men, but in the meantime, I suppose, we can all say, #I'llRideWithWu.