Things are heating up in Syria, in case you haven't heard. We have more gas babies, suspiciously enough appearing immediately after Trump declares he is pulling troops out of the country. Over the past few days, the drama has been playing out, with Trump making bombastic threats that, coming from a less mercurial leader, would be a guarantee of missile strikes to come.

Humanitarian first responders-cum-Al Qaeda terrorists, the White Helmets.

Meanwhile the narrative whereby Russia is poisoning spies in London has come apart, but not before the diplomats were expelled throughout the US sphere of global influence, including in Canberra.

We have Trump's bosses in Israel already bombing Syria, leaping into the breach just as Neo-Con John Bolton assumes the reins as Trump's National Security Adviser.

Things, in short, are looking pretty warlike.

The US deep state wants war with Russia because Israel and its proxies are manipulating Trump to act as Israel's golem in the Middle East. There is also the fact that Putin is shaping Russia into a force that can challenge US global hegemony. Oligarchs who bought up Russian assets in the Yeltsin-era fire sale have not forgiven the regime that is continuing to save the country from their predations. And of course, any regime that doesn't have mass Third World immigration and gay marriage (except Israel) must be crypto-Nazi!

In the event of an escalated conflict between the US and Russia over Syria, Iran, the Skripals, or whatever else—where will we find ourselves?

The answer could depend to a large extent on the country with the third biggest military in the world.

Australia finds itself caught between the US and China economically, politically and ideologically. China is increasing its influence over our politicians and academics, spying on us, buying up our strategic assets, and flooding our country with their people. In the long run, elites from the Hawke-Keating era up to now are pretty much unanimously agreed that our future is Chinese.

On the other hand, we still have the ANZUS treaty. Militarily we are aligned with the US and have supported all of their blundering imperial adventures since World War Two.

Speaking of WWII, our historical close call with Japan might foreshadow a greater threat from China in the future. In that conflict, US involvement was not in that country's national interest, but wash pushed by elites surrounding President Roosevelt. At best, destroying Europe and the Japanese empire helped them wiggle their way our of the Great Depression.

In contrast, down here we were fighting for our lives.

With the CCP's United Work Front operating unhindered within our society, our future (or present?) overlords prefer to carry out a low-time-preference strategy of conquest. But in the event of a hot conflict in the Middle East morphing into a World War Three scenario, we would likely need to choose sides between China and the US.

China is now more-or-less an official ally of Russia. Together, the two countries may have sufficient force to defeat the US. Certainly, they would have every interest in fighting together to divide the world into respective spheres of influence that would leave Australia and the South Pacific squarely within the growing Chinese "One Belt, One Road" imperium.

The rise of China is the biggest existential threat we have ever faced. The genocide by mass immigration that is currently being carried out by our own elected Government would be vastly accelerated under Chinese military occupation. In China (and increasingly over here, too) revisionist history, according to which Australia was originally discovered by China, has come to supplant the concept of Australia ever having been a White Man's country.

Huang Xiangmo is just one of many political manipulators doing business with our treasonous leaders.

For us, then, military defeat or otherwise-effected collapse of the US regime would not be unadulterated good news. It would probably mean our much-accelerated, gloves-off colonisation by China.

On the bright side, this would mean an end to social problems such as African gangs and illicit drugs. Although living standards would fall precipitously, there would be no collapse into anarchy. On the other hand, the ideology of anti-racism would probably still be employed against white Australians, while nationalists would probably find ourselves waking up with missing kidneys— never mind being prosecuted under Section 18C.

How would we cope under a foreign occupation? It's hard to imagine current generations prosecuting a guerrilla war like Vietnamese peasants did against the US. And that's about what it would take to save ourselves, if it came down to it.

I don't know what the future holds, but it's evident that we can't afford to be spectators waiting for history to happen to us. We need to assert our independence from both the US and China, and ready to defend our home against invasion, whether it comes by by stealth or military force, now or in the near future.