It's obvious that the Dingoes oppose gay marriage. We oppose it for a number of reasons: on principle, as a barrier to the social normalisation and legal power of gays and as a means of frustrating/distracting/humiliating our political enemies.

Most of us however have not been labouring under the misapprehension that Australia is a conservative society that would vote NO. I was expecting a closer race, and some of us were probably relieved that betting agencies removed the temptation to drop dough on the dark horse, but I knew the lame duck NO campaign operating under our current cultural zeitgeist stood no chance.

However, there is something meaningful to be seen in the results of the survey for us right-wingers. Here are the points to emphasise in our discussions:

1.) 40% of Australian's voted NO. Does it feel like 2 in 5 people oppose gay marriage? Is that reality reflected on television? Is it reflected by the ABC? Do you ever hear these arguments? Many of us are told that Christians have power in society, and that they're a bunch of fundamentalist nutjobs. But this is a false reality we get from American TV shows. 40% of Australia voted NO without any social permission granted to them by the entertainment industry, academia or the elites. And this is a far larger number than was being spruiked pre-survey.

Now don't get me wrong. The Whiter, affluent areas, (ie the places which wield institutional power and will decide the course of our nation) voted strongly in favour of gay marriage. I am not trying to retcon that reality. We have a lot of ground to cover in convincing our own people to begin looking seriously at politics in terms of what benefits us and especially our future - and to dispose of anything that doesn't do so as either hostile or a waste of time. We do not have the luxury any more in this nation of doing nice, White-people politics. Principles of freedom, fairness, trust and merit are done - at least outside of our closed circles.

2.) The "based conservative asian mums and dads!!!" didn't come through for us, despite the delusions of the Young Liberals. Auntie Pho either popped her ballot in the bin with the fish heads or her shitlib daughter filled it out for her and dropped it off in the postbox on the way to her basket-weaving uni lectures.

Banking on asians to deliver us social conservative victories or to act as a flood-wall against the rising tide of permissiveness is a fantasy.

3.) Finally, and this is the most important point, the Muslim vote in Western Sydney was the only convincing showing of NO. Does this mean we fucking love lebs now? No. What their rejection of Gay Marriage in massive numbers means is that they have successfully insulated their communities against our influence and the fashionable sensibilities of the elites. Like it or not, acceptance of gays and the "gay community" (politicised LGBT advocacy and normalisation) is a good indicator of Western Hegemony. Wherever the West dominates, this permissiveness spreads. This is something we want to change to benefit ourselves, it doesn't benefit us Whites by having groups who hate us and who aren't infected with this cultural weakness in our country.

This is a very worrying development for our nation. I may not want gay marriage, but I want a mass of brown people inside our borders but outside of our control even less. And these muslims are not here in great enough numbers to prevent any sort of nationwide leftist social issue like this from succeeding. They are however in great enough numbers to form insular ghettos where they weild power. Thats what allows the Left to tolerate these savages as allies. They collect their votes, they put scumbags like Tony Burke into office, and are immunized against the social consequences.

A NO vote was important to me because it would represent that the media was out of touch, and that Australians were not being subsumed by this deeply psychologically harmful campaign against our traditions for the benefit of every minority group that can be invented or imported. It would represent at its core that the bulk of the Australian people were not in agreement with our suicidal elite, that we had our own opinions and that we rejected the browbeating of the ABC and Fairfax. That didn't happen. Their love-affair over the past few decades with the weird, futureless and self-destructive has been imbibed by the common household.

So why is this significant? It's significant because it means the left have almost no control over their most rabid pets. These enemies-within-the-gates do not intend to participate in the civic society that we are being told we live in, and the lunatics running the asylum have absolutely no plan - let alone the willpower - to bring them to heel. This will translate, and it already has, into other areas of life. These people do not participate in our schools, in our charities, in our law enforcement or our values. They will go their own way, they will not assist our authorities to the extent that other groups do, they will circulate profits, charity and spending amongst themselves - while glib White people pay into the commons which these parasites draw from. Like the wealthy indian couple who travel to india to adopt a child while australian children suffer, these people are a tribe with their own leaders who can organise to pursue their own interests whenever they see fit. And there is nothing our leaders can do to stop them.

It isn't that we should cuck out and say "the Muslims are bad because they're intolerant of gays". That is obvious hypocrisy and not an attitude we want to encourage. It's "The muslims are bad, because they aren't us, and they don't want to be us".