Weeaboo (n) (plural weeaboos) (slang, derogatory) A non-Japanese person (especially one of Caucasian ancestry) who is obsessed with Japanese culture and behaves in a stereotypically Japanese manner.

Despite his adoring intentions, the Weeaboo celebrates a parody of Japanese culture as gleaned from watching impossible amounts of anime.

The weaboo is attempting to discover and experience an authentic form of identity after experiencing disillusionment with dumpy Western women and whatever measly distractions offered by Globohomo. The weaboo is searching for something that is genuine, ingrained with a moral message, a cultural context and that contains instruction for a fulfilling life. The problem is the weaboo is stuck in a phase of misunderstanding as to where identity and cultural expression is formed; though it is obvious from reactionary twitter many find their way.

Take Monogatari as an example. One of the questions posed throughout the series is what has true value?. The answer proposed is that it is the not the originally prized person, object or ideal, nor the identical replica of that which is already highly valued. But rather, it is the hyper-replica, in its attempt to be indistinguishable from the original, that has expressed itself more than the original in both its attempt to imitate and then to become indistinguishable from what was prior.

One possible explanation for mystery of the Weaboo's struggle is that he sees himself as completing this transformation. The problem that he faces is that he can never truly become this prior form, whether as a real Japanese person or a cartoon, due to the limitations of 3D reality and the undeveloped state of racial transition technology. He is left ultimately unfulfilled, remaining an outsider in both his own home and the Japanese world of his imagination.

The weaboo however, only inhabits the the pre-evolutionary state to the otaku (fanatic). The otaku is the apex consumerist bugman, obsessed with the newest Saber figure and ill-fitting Madoka costume. They are stuck at the stage of being fed up with western media but only challenging that with a new media; they have failed to grasp what was lacking; the weaboo has not.

What is ultimately to be made from acknowledging and understanding the sorry state of the weaboo? You may question the possibility of their reformation, since they are already possible candidates for genetic removal by natural selection. Yet consider what may have been the case for them in the past. What use could there be for a male who shuns procreative sexuality and obsesses over cultural artefacts? The answer is more obvious than one may think. Such is the life of a monk.

If not entirely convinced, consider that the seclusion of the monastery has just been replaced by a lock on their room. The copying and studying of scripture has been replaced with studying of obscure Japanese history and Shinto legends, then moving it onto an online forum to catalogue it for English readers in an almost permanent manner. The harsh rules and routine though not as strongly adhered to, are imitated poorly in their attempt to recreate the Bushido code.

In a way the European mindset is still very much alive in the weaboo, they just remain misguided. It is no surprise once understanding this, that when they break from the confines of accepted identity in the current anti-white paradigm they become incredibly adept information gatherers and cataloguers. Much of right wing anime twitter and /pol/ investigators were staffed with such types; it is their calling in life, it is their identity trying to escape from the fakeness of outward forms.

Another point that is worth drawing attention to, is the fame of such series as Fate, which incorporates many European heroes into a battle royale to retrieve the prized Holy Grail. It contains many known figures such as Alexander the Great and Jeanne D'Arc as well more esoteric characters such as Cú Chulainn and Astolfo. It also incorporates some artistic choice with characters to change them to female as is the case with Jack the Ripper and King Arthur but it's done more to suit the sexual perversions of their audience, standing in reverse parallel to the subversive 'black washing' of European historical characters in BBC documentaries and British historical films.


The pink haired one is a dude.

The Fate series remains familiar to those stuck in Japanese media as a piece of history or folk tale that they can identify with. A yearning for media that makes sense to them that is not supplied to them by the Western creators. It could even give rise to thea case that weaboos are more historically educated than even us, who may not know of tales such as Diarmuid; yet the weaboo knows of this and many more.

This could all be summarised as is the current fashion of naming, the Weaboo Mindset. Probably not as appealing as the Bronze Age mindset but far surpassing the Gorilla mindset, it is my hope to not be an end point in the development of a European man but possibly a guide into understanding identity in a very real way. To understand that you as a European are not Japanese, and people who are not European cannot recreate a European world in any genuine way.

For you, an anime enjoyer or not, what does this all mean?

For your interaction with such people, it is to understand when talking to them that many are not too far gone and are calling for help from a society they feel shunned from and disgusted by. That they run from Western media for the reasons that many of us do whether they understand it consciously or not.

For the weebs, your path lies initially in creating or promoting stories that highlight European identity within the anime medium, to call them back home with the only scripture they know. To truly bring to light the path that God Emperor Trump has proclaimed, to bring anime to life. When this finally occurs, the sign will point towards us the weaboo, who may find true and genuine meaning in the brokenness of life.