For those in the multiracialist racket Islamic terrorism is just the cost of doing business. They gladly traded 84 lives and risked another 202 with injury in Nice, France July 14 this year when Mohamed Lahouaiyej Bouhlel hurled down the Promenade des Anglais in a truck. Our betters fervently believe the perceived reward far outweighs any other consideration. If you think otherwise, tough. The French PM Manuel Valls has some one fingered advice for you, learn to “live with terrorism,” bigot.

*The new norm from living with terrorism.*

The reward is the universal and homogeneous state. It is the view that at the end of history there will be a borderless world where everyone is “free and equal”. The two wings of the globalism, capitalism and socialism, merely disagree on the means of achieving this rather than the end itself.

The Neudialektiker in Germany are banking on turning the dark mass of mostly single young men of a warrior disposition into skilled workers to replace the ageing barren natives. They hope this will keep the rotting hulk afloat. Holding a genuine Syrian passport and being among “the first of all that fled” rather than fight for their nation only adds to their bourgeois credentials and makes them prove more attractive for the job.

The other wing is a little too preoccupied with working towards their next dopamine rush from virtue signalling to be that coldly calculating. You can bet there are people pondering whether they’ll be the first to make it onsite in Nice with their grand piano to play John Lennon’s “Imagine”. There’s more than one way to dispossess a people.

*An army on the march.*

This can get all rather abstract at the elite level which is why the message gets tailored for particular audiences. Such tailoring invariably is cut from the cloth of pathological altruism. Viewers in the UK tuning in to Channel 4’s coverage of the Nice attack were greeted with the hijabbed visage of Fatima Manji beaming at them through their screens. Network executives must have been aiming to remind their viewers that not all Muslims are terrorists. The model migrants must never be subjected to the ever present spectre of a White backlash.

The brave new world will be built on the bones of Europeans out of the smiles of moderate Muslims.

The French authorities are more interested in forestalling the inevitable backlash than addressing the root causes. Should there be civil unrest between foreign elements and native Europeans it would signify the failure of their social engineering and consign France to the status of a failed state.

Comments made by the French head of intelligence Patrick Calvar confirm this. Spoken at a closed inquiry in May into last year’s Paris attacks they were chillingly leaked just days before Nice. “We’re on the verge of a civil war. I think this confrontation is going to happen. One or two more attacks and it will take place. It is up to us to anticipate and stop all those groups who would trigger clashes,” he said.

It is not beneath the French state to suppress right-wing dissidence. The successive Republics from the late 19th century to the present arguably are predicated on this. The most apposite case took place in the late 1950s and early 1960s. The generals attempted a coup against Charles de Gaulle in 1961 over Algerian independence, which was followed by the clandestine activities of military hardliners and nationalistic civilians in the Organisation de l’armée secrète. Only three years before the military had reinstated de Gaulle creating the Fifth Republic as the Fourth had become moribund. De Gaulle realised that the permeability of the military and civil spheres made coups possible so he placed the military in the hands of civil micromanagers.

As you’d expect the military has come to reflect the policies of the mondialists. Mass immigration brings with it internal threats that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Ironically, for the sake of neutralising these threats military doctrine has had to take steps away from de Gaulle’s purely expeditionary one back towards a measure of insularity defending French territory. Insularity has a history of strengthening the military as an institution in France and making it a force in politics.

However, so long as politicians whose strategic expertise is limited to knowing when Charvet is having a sale are playing general, the use of the military to effectively combat terrorism is a distant hope. It is fair to assume this is intentional. The white paper from 2013 seeks to bring military expenditure in line with European Union regulations and has been described by Gen Vincent Desportes, former head of France's War School, as precipitating “the collapse of the French military system”.

This negligence is setting the stage for the military to go off the globalist reservation. Civil disobedience such as that exhibited by former commander of the French Foreign Legion, Gen Christian Piquemal, who spoke at a PEGIDA rally in Calais earlier this year will become more frequent. If the civil authorities do not wish them to fulfil their oaths, civil society will open a space for the military to perform their duties. The spirit of Boulangism is rising.

By civil society I mean the eternal France that has existed long before Hegel praised a market society intermediary between the private and public spheres in Philosophy of Right. The France of Gallic natives, Greek colonists, Roman conquerors and Teutonic culture bearers. European France.

It would be myopic to see the contemporary crises as the last half century coming to fruition. We are witnessing the final phases of the French Revolution some 227 years later. Initially its dogma was exported to the rest of the world and resulted in the orgiastic killing of ethnic French in Saint Domingue. Now we see the re-colonisation of the “metropole” according to such dogma mutated by the hatred the third world harbours against European Man.

It manifests itself in the Revolutionary state’s aiding and abetting the barbarism of the foreigner. It demands that any rumours of torture and mutilation at the Bataclan theatre —the previous Islamic attack — are shielded from the public’s gaze. Its propaganda wing smugly writes in bold print rumours over and over in an effort that would make Gorgias shake his head in disgust at what has become of sophistry. As if the lived experience of these witnesses is unreliable because it doesn’t square up with the pseudo-reality of integrated foreigners.

True to the Revolution being the great watershed of the modern world its contemporary absurdities are seen throughout the West. The unnamed police commander at the scene of the Sydney Lindt café siege told an inquest that action wasn’t taken earlier because gunman Man Monis “had the same rights as anyone else”. Rights that meant so little to him that he swore allegiance to ISIS during the attack. The barely handful of identifiable perpetrators from the New Year’s Eve mass sexual assaults in Cologne exited court smiling and cheering after being handed suspended sentences. The Magic Dirt of Germany wasn’t enough for basic language comprehension that an interpreter was required for justice to be perverted.

This all barely scratches the surface, but when the evidence is laid out how can an honest person not see it for what it is? They hollow out the only institutions capable of stopping terrorism and make a mockery of others that could restore some balance. The reasons may be varied and there are degrees of culpability but the Western elites are harming their own people.

*General Boulanger*

According to globalist hawks any country that harms its citizens is long overdue for a regime change. It’s a red line that must never be crossed. So the burning question of our times is: when will we see regime change in the Occident? Will our leaders have a sudden eureka moment, put two and two together and march themselves off to The Hague? Or will there be a European Spring — the liberal international community’s preferred option.

The public’s response to Islamic terrorism has become so formulaic it is now the stuff of parody. Cautious punters thinking this won’t change after Nice are betting with the odds. Even the initial blip in tourism stocks happened like clockwork mirroring the response to the last Brussels bombing and Paris attacks before that.

But as events have progressed this past week, such caution is proving to be cowardice and a lack of imagination. The people of France listened to Manuel Valls and translated cuck to French understanding living with terrorism to be a call to surrender. They answered this plea as Pierre Cambronne had done at Waterloo, laconically exclaiming “merde”! Attending the minute of silence at Nice on Monday 18th Valls was jeered and heckled with “murderer” and “resign”.

Too little time has passed since Nice and the axe attack by 17-year-old refugee with ties to ISIS on a German train injuring four passengers, and the arrest of a “Parisian” taxi driver who had two sticks of dynamite, detonators and ISIS paraphernalia at his home for the lying press to wrest control of the narrative back.

Perhaps, they couldn’t reassert the narrative failing this convergence of catastrophes. Not with the collective trauma at seeing murdered children lying dead on the road next to their toys. Genuine grief has counteracted the media’s crocodile tears and forced sorrow over Aylan Kurdi, later Anglicised to Alan, the Syrian-Kurd who drowned due to his father’s choice in boarding a dingy vessel en route to Europe.

Ordinary people are more intelligent than the elite give them credit for. They were able to realise that these children in Nice died because of the current migration policies or lack thereof. The emotional force was potent enough to be felt halfway around the world shaking Sonia Kruger — as a mother — to her core. Making her understand the simple sum that mass immigration equals terrorism on live television.

The ensuing social media witch hunt by the physically and spiritually barren was not enough for her to recant. Her “revised” position paid lip service to contemporary multicultural pieties but she restated it without apology more or less saying her position is extreme but she doesn’t care. Muslim immigration must stop.

Kruger has a stake in a European future as she is the mother to a White daughter, baby Maggie. Her detractors do not. The Mariam Veiszadehs and Tim Soutphommasanes of this world identify more with refugees than they do with their host society — as refugees. A truly grateful and integrated person would be asking only one question about immigration: is it good for Australia (or France)?

*Maggie deserves a future free from terrorism.*

These people are becoming increasingly desperate. Labor Senator for NSW Sam Dastyari thought he could halt the narrative shift on Q&A last Monday by playing the Aylan Kurdi card. “Would you have allowed five-year-old Sam Dastyari into this country? He came to this country on 16 January, 1988, two weeks before the Bicentenary celebrations and my family has done nothing but contribute to this country since they've been here,” he asked Pauline Hanson.

Pauline answered poorly, but after seeing the dead children in Nice, people may be willing to bar an infinite number five-year-old Sams to stop a single child being killed in a terror attack in our own countries.

*Opinion polls conducted by their ABC and Channel 7, respectively.*

The elite’s rhetoric is losing its power. Their actions do not correspond to their own self-serving justifications of stopping harm. More fundamentally this is a violation of the natural right of self-preservation that underpins the modernist project. Proto-liberal Thomas Hobbes saw this as one of the only reasons to opt out of it, stating that “though a man may Covenant thus, Unlesse I do so, or so, kill me; he cannot Covenant thus Unlesse I do so, or so, I will not resist you when you come to kill me.” Through their policies they are killing us. Aux armes, européens.