As the window of acceptable opinion narrows and curators become increasingly neurotic, internet battlelines ceaselessly expand.

YouTube, one of the largest grounds of political conflict, has begun to expand its battlelines after creating a deadlock between flaggers and resurfacing Alt-Right video media. The next opponent they have drawn their battle plans for, are those who take a step further rightward than your mouth-breathing Liberalist types (as they appear to now be completely fine working with Antifa), the woke civic nationalist tribe.

This year a shift has occurred from running bloodsport streams to internet drama and political analysis talk shows with an emphasis on community interaction. This is in no small part due to things like the superchat functionality of YouTube and streamlab-like tools that allow donations with messages to the host of the show.

But with donations comes monetary support, and with monetary support comes the ever watchful neurotic battalions to shut down anyone who may hold a view that a neo-liberal may find abhorrent. Thus we see the charging of mass flaggers and conspirators to take down the jolly ex-felon known as Ethan Ralph, host of the Killstream show. In what appears to be a joint operation between spiteful Sargonist Liberalists and the Wall Street Journal's Yoree Koh backed by Antifa supporting Storyful, they orchestrated the removal of Killstream related channels from YouTube.

It should also be noted that the Wall Street Journal targeted PewDiePie after he made a series of edgy videos.

This also caused a fundraiser, called the Healstream, organised by the show, that raised money for treatment of child cancer, to have its USD$27,000 refunded, most likely as a result of political pressure. This is from the same Yoree Koh whose totally assimilated based Asian parents cheated cancer patients out of proper medication.

Also, did you think the battle of GamerGate had finished? Apparently YouTube is still fighting the war to defeat these cruel women harassers. Just look at the sort of vile people that YouTube needs to ban from their site.

Elect a woman President in the first 10 years. Heh try only an un-elected female Prime Minister.

After the creation of this video and an article from Vice, the channel was completely removed including the thousands of videos created by the user. Only after Keemstar with his millions of supporters, contacted YouTube did they reconsider and put the user back on to the platform.

A similar thing happened with the much loved Commander of the Sweety Squad Mister Metokur. After the Katz Madden shooting, in which a Jewish gamer shot his gaming opponents after losing a game of Madden in a small gaming competition, Metokur created a video discussing the absurdity of the situation which led to him being banned from Twitter and YouTube.

Fortunately, in a very similar way, Mister Metokur was allowed back onto YouTube thanks to remarks made by Keemstar. Unfortunately the reliance on sympathetic larger voices will not last forever, it is clear that when the media finds somebody, usually through the assistance of the content creator's enemies, then they will pressure YouTube to remove them. It appears that if YouTube is able to get away with it, without one of their larger creators threatening to leave, then they will with glee follow the marching orders.

Though not for all of those who engage in political conflict is there someone to save them at the last moment. Look at what befell the crazed but lovable Alex Jones, where the coordinated effort of Facebook, Apple, Google and Soundcloud silenced him from the public square. The censorship by YouTube of Infowars came shortly after Facebook banned them from their public communication service, which follows the pattern of YouTube following orders once again.

That's the F.A.G.S way.

The censorship of Infowars is ironic after they failed to acknowledge that many further to the right than they were booted from platforms. They didn't even discuss people as optically clear as Amren when they were under attack having multiple videos restricted and thus unable to be viewed without a direct link, purging them to a no viewer zone like websites existing in the dark net. It appears as of now they are able to keep their videos visible but it exists on shakey grounds as they faded from the scope of the censors.

Amren on their youtube censorship

There exists as well an endless casualty list of Identitarian and Alt-Right voices on YouTube that would require much time to list and could reveal people that may be targeted for censorsing again.

It becomes clear that the modus operandi of YouTube is the closing down of those who still maintain a strong sense of humour while not aligning to the current neoliberal worldview. Ralph, Metokur and many others engage in edgy genuine humour which pull in large audiences; their brand of comedy tears down the illusion placed up by so called comedians. The people you are told to laugh with aren't funny. They trick you into a fake laughter but these guys who say edgy things online, elicit genuine chuckles.

The veil has been removed and this cannot continue.

The impetus to shut down content creators is dictated entirely now by media personnel. Instead of the prior slow shift and removal of people one by one, the bannings are at the behest of insane journalists. All battefronts are open and no one is safe. If you are expressing your opinion effectively then you will be targetted. Accelerationism is born from winning and not even having cancer will dull these lunatics.

What comes next is unknown. Will the law intervene and cause a new section of public infrastructure to be drawn out?

Do we truly need to envision a completely new internet built from the bottom up?

Can this all be solved with more cryptocurrency?

For all of us though, in whatever way we contribute, we must trade in our barbed wire for copper; the era of sun and steel is over, the time has come for dim lighting and aluminium keyboards. The message needs to be heard more than ever.