On this episode, Fenian and Scratch do a after action report in St. Kilda, talk about Peta Credlin's potential run, return of safe schools, national and state politics. The Racer's War has began, get your battle orders here!

Show Notes:

00:00:00 - St. Kilda After Action Report

00:18:40 - Labor Teaching Policy

00:24:55 - Safe Schools Returning (Please sign, sock up of course: https://www.change.org/p/sue-ellery-scrap-inclusive-schools-in-western-australia )

00:30:37 - Welfare Reform

00:41:33 - Liberal News; Mallee and Credlin

00:48:00 - Dutton News; Prakesh, criminal deportations and Child Sex Register

0:58:38 - State politics; Leyonhjelm's state run, Latham rumors*

01:08:10 - Clive Palmer legal problems

01:18:10 - Huawei and CHYNA news

01:20:14 - Federal Liberal news

01:39:57 - Other news

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