Tfw no cybernetical enhanced racially ambiguous goth gf.

Eastern Europe was once the place of uninspired Soviet buildings, ruled by a tribe of people who detest beauty so much they sought to replace all great works of history with abstract pieces of twisted metal; it now has set itself to become the bedrock of technical innovation that western multi-billion dollar companies fall short of in nearly every way.

CD Project Red is a company best known for its development on The Witcher series, a video game based on a popular book series that was set in a mythical twist of medieval central Europe, and of the retail site, a store based on satisfying 30 year old boomers with original copies of DOOM.

*sip* Quake 3 now that was a good game.

After completing Witcher 3 they have now set their sights on completing their new title Cyberpunk 2077, which has been in development for a long while now. With a recent release of a near hour of pure gameplay, they showed us not only a great display of dystopian aesthetics but put to shame recent titles like Mass Effect: Andromeda and other forthcoming titles like the overly politicised Battlefield 5. Produced not only with large budgets but also staff picked from a broad range of multigendered multicultural talents, you'd wonder how the White Polack could even compete.

Compare the gameplay of the two.
Can you even compete wite boi.

The technical ability exhibited between the two becomes very clear. The West is becoming stagnant and in particular cases regressing. Eastern Europe, untroubled by social marxist politics, migrant destruction and the general insecurities of the bugman office, has excelled to produce one of the best game development companies.

Fans of the company also know that the story-telling mechanics of the games are also very well fleshed out, with comprehensively scripted characters that fit in with the setting and have understandable attachments to the protagonist; and that the aesthetics are given a keen level of attention by the art team. This caused criticism of the game by the unethical gaming media. Witcher universe had no ethnics in 1300s Poland. They show an attention to detail that Western creators would always overlook for the purpose of agenda.

Though for the new series the cyberpunk universe and what can be very easily comparable to it, the Blade Runner series, is set in a future with abundant technology. It is also set in a situation where the corporations have taken control of the operation of civilisation. Cyberpunk is the ancap paradise. It is also tied together with a very mixed population, alongside high crime, low trust and a general uncleanliness of the society. In an inverse to the technology climb, nature has receded to rarity and prestige, not something the average isolated civilian would ever gaze upon.

The phenomenon of Cyberpunk as an emerging genre is similar to the mass zombie centered media. Zombie societal collapse struck at something in the population's subconscious, 'You might not have noticed, but your brain did.' as Mr Plinkett would say. There are many ways to interpret it, mindset preparation for the coming anarcho-primitive lifestyle, a coping mechanism or a desire to see the corrupt crony-capitalist system breakdown. In the same way Cyberpunk elicits similar thoughts; not from the total collapse of society but the sluggish death crawl filled with neat gadgets. You ask how do I survive a world where my life is measured by my life insurance policy to Privatised Military Medical PTY LTD TM and how many cybernetic implants I have?

The next point you are drawn to, is how did this shift happen, why do people not anticipate a collapse?

The Peter Schiffs of the world have said for too long that the federal reserve will collapse; that the lies of the economy will crumble. Like the boy calling wolf, you can't keep saying it will happen next year. Those of us with an inner monologue know that generally people will be content no matter how bad things get if they are denied information or guilted for considering a better way.

This leaves the populace to conceive of a future in which the worst nightmares come in to being. For them there is no escape without action but they don't want to act for fear of name calling. To the average person, congratulations you live in truly the 'part and parcel' techno-anarcho-capitalist state. How do I cope and prepare for this inevitability, how can I see what it will look like?

How do I survive when I can't read anything?

Well either you can change or you can be Eastern European CD Project Red, which has set itself to profit from collapse extremely well. With the ability to look from the outside in to the West, and the freedom from the social systems Westerners have tied themselves to, they have come into a situation where they can only prosper financially and technically.

They are now the breeding ground of innovation with lower barriers to entry due to a historically slow and weak economy, as well as many of the building blocks set out for them already.

All that we can hope for is that instead of becoming chattel for Easterner shekel gaming farms, many become self aware of why they seek out such dystopian games. Why do they desire to understand how to live in a multi-racial technocratic state, why did they seek out how to live in the ruins of a society plagued with disease and perpetual isolation from other citizenry. Otherwise our last hope is that at least Easterners are allowed to prosper to a degree where they can protect themselves from the coming hordes of EU Army Muhamedans.

Either way you must harden your body and mind, be ever mindful of each step forward in Google tech and never put an Amazon Alexa in your house. Always remember.

Author note:

For anyone looking to try out games with a cyberpunk setting, the Shadowrun series was a set of Isometric RPG games in which Dragonfall was one worth giving a try. You can wait for sales that go up to 80% off on the regular, so don't rush out to purchase it.