In a positive and telling development in the metapolitics of Australia: Triple J (the ABC's Youth broadcaster) has decided that the Hottest 100, a modern tradition for many Australians on Australia Day, will be moved to a different date. This is a symbolic gesture born out of the leftist antipathy towards the existence of Australia - supposedly due to injustices carried out against the Aboriginals by White settlement (a convenient excuse for the anti-Whites who have no problem with the colonisation of Europe by non-Whites) -and it was predicted and lampooned by The Dingoes in KNOCKOFF 008 SWPL-J.

This is a very instructive event and its good for us for a very simple reason - it's bad for one of our enemies: Triple J. We should use this sort of event as a tactic moving forward to weaken anti-White institutions. We should try and encourage many leftist institutions to abandon any pretense of patriotism or non-political fun, and instead forget their utility and business models - rather virtue signalling to appease the rabid and insatiable mob of leftist agitators.

It bears almost no-explanation to anyone who has tuned into the station, but here are the basic reasons why triple gay is our enemy:

  1. Their influence extends mostly over young White uni students, this demographic is the group which our message most appeals to - and convincing these young White men and women of these anti-White premises and degenerate lifestyles does a tremendous damage to Australia which will extend well into the future.

  2. They have been largely responsible for the popularisation of rap amongst educated White Australians who previously derided the genre as low-class and unappealing.

  3. They are mass promoters of part-aboriginal "artists" who then go on, incestuously, to head up anti-Australian causes like Recognise/Change the flag/end Australia day/etc on the ABC.

  4. Their news coverage through HACK and the usual smug glibness of their presenters on White Identity issues are popularizers of many thought terminating cliches and the general atomisation of Australian youth which stultifies our metapolitical progress.

  5. They are cultural drivers who inhabit a difficult to criticise social space of the enthusiastic, well-meaning, lefty bugmen who all agree that they are purveyors of good taste and gatekeepers against problematic thinking. This feigned relaxed disposition is highly appealing to the casual observers, and people who criticise it can be easily dismissed as maniacs who read too much politics into benign fun.

If you doubt my characterisation of the station just check out and read some of these bugmen's profiles.

With that established its clear why Triple J is an institution which we want to see weakened. And make no mistake, while this signifies that anti-Australia day behaviours may be extremely popular among a certain highly-motivated portion of their listenership (as evidenced by their bullshit "60k respondent" poll which was used to justify the sudden change) this likely speaks to a polarisation of attitudes in Australia rather than a popular swing. So there isn't much for us to mourn in this outcome.

Instead what has occurred is Triple J has just removed their one connection to the common man. The one event they do each year which there is genuine excitement and conversation around amongst ordinary working Australians.

They've made this stupendous move, which goes against the interest and purpose of the station, because they (direct quote) "want to avoid controversy" - an obviously farcical excuse for their virtue signalling. And they can never go back. Australia day provided a rare space for a cultural moment like the Hottest 100 to flourish. A day which most Australians keep clear and use to socialise, and which isnt already dominated by some other major cultural event. They have abandoned this utility for worthless signalling. And now lost their platform which they previously used to insert people like Briggs who could push their anti-White message into half the backyard barbecues and roadtrips in the country. An example here:

And the cherry on top for us is that they can NEVER go back on this move. They can never reassert themselves over the day and regain the influence they had. To do so might have been possible in the past, but nowadays it would be politically impossible without the broadcaster and their audience tearing themselves apart. Under normal circumstances Triple J could trial the event on another day and if it failed they could make the wise business decision of copping the flack of a return. Not so in the current year.

Now don't get me wrong, as far as my personal feelings go, I strongly dislike this cuntish move by Triple J. It may not make me popular amongst the alt-right, but I have many fond memories of the hottest 100 on Australia day in the past. In recent years I have not enjoyed it, and have excused myself from a couple events where it has played. It will be a relief to many of us not to have to worry about the Hottest 100 next year, but make no mistake: this is a fundamental attack on the idea of a national broadcaster creating a cultural event for Australians as Australians. And thats what the Hottest 100 was. Culture exists at the most basic level through everyone experiencing the same thing at the same time. When you have few shared experiences with people, it is hard to relate to them. Take for example how in the workplace it used to be possible to discuss last nights television shows with your colleagues, but now due to internet streaming, DVRs and the sheer quantity of content - this is no longer the case. Triple J has robbed Australia of one of its cultural moments, gathering with friends and family in the backyard for a beer, barbecue and swim (maybe having a bet on which of the three uncomfortably White bands in contention would win the top spot) and listening to the Hottest 100 countdown.