On 4 March Paul Sheehan was granted sleepy time from The Sydney Morning Herald for his 22 February column “The horrifying untold story of Louise”. Editor-in-chief Darren Goodsir conducted a formal review into the column and relayed back to his readers:

The formal review, which included a comprehensive examination of editorial processes, found unacceptable breaches of fundamental journalistic practice. The columnist, who has also apologised for the report and admitted this serious lapse, will stand aside from his duties until further notice.

Sheehan’s original column detailed the story of a woman called Louise who was allegedly gang raped in 2002 by a group that approached one on the Mohammed Coefficient. The police were said to have been non-responsive and no investigation was ever made.

After some follow up work with Louise, Sheehan began to doubt the truth of her story. The Police Commissioner responded to the allegation, which is quite nice to know that they respond quickly to something. This was contained in a retraction he made on Wednesday 24 February.

This retraction was like White women to 30-year-old-teenage-refugees and has attracted a lot of commentary. Even other Fairfax writers joined in on the fun. Cat lady Jenna Price over at Daily Life rhapsodised on how by reporting an unreported rape it makes it harder for women to report rapes and bringing to light Islamic rape gives the Islamic community a hard time.

The only evidence that all this hullaballoo has scrounged together against Louise’s allegations is that she attended a Reclaim Australia Rally.

According to cat ladies, a man is guilty of rape until proven innocent. Even if the case is dismissed and he’s shown to be innocent, he probably raped the rape survivor. If not, he’s probably raped someone else, or will rape someone.

Not so with Louise. On account of her being associated with right-of-centre groupings, the presumption is that she wasn’t raped at all. She’s guilty of being a bigot, and Muslims don’t rape.

There’s no point in taking this issue seriously and ruminating on the psychology of the cat lady. There’s definitely no profit in pondering the lack of consistency in the contemporary left’s narrative when Diversity Trumps is at play. And it’s not for the usual reasons.

This is pure speculation at this moment; the Dingoes Intelligence Network is still conducting fieldwork at Fairfax offices, but preliminary reports suggest there are some deep undercover investigations going on.

What piqued our interest were Sheehan’s continued apologies for the offending article. Sheehan is no dummy; we know this for his profession alone. Any smart person will tell you never to apologise when being persecuted by SJWs, it’s always taken as an admission of guilt and an invitation for further censure. This is exactly what has happened to old mate, and the cunning fox set it all in motion with the original column.

Why, you’re asking, well it’s quite simple, there is an investigation on journalistic practises and integrity going on at Fairfax but it’s not directed at Sheehan.

Sheehan was tasked by Goodsir to flush out all the cat ladies who flout journalistic conventions and procedures to proselytise the POZ. The key was in Goodsir’s statement where he said “The Herald's reputation is founded on the trust our readers give us to provide fair, balanced and independent journalism, and it is critical that the editorial integrity of the Herald is maintained.” Sheehan’s column is but a drop in the ocean compared to what is published every day on Daily Life in regards to breaching these concepts.

This operation has not disappointed. Going back to Price’s piece, she quotes Muslim activist Mariam Veiszadeh, “the week that we farewell Harper Lee and there is still nothing more incendiary that [sic] the story of a white woman being raped by a non-white man.” This quote sticks out from its surrounding copy quite autistically, as there was no real cause to place it in the article apart from anti-White bigotry.

For anyone familiar with Daily Life they’d know that this is merely the tip of the dildo. Quite possibly the most memorable breach of journalistic standards would be professional harridan Clem Ford baiting a detractor of hers to respond intemperately with her responding by getting him fired. Although reported on 1 December 2015 it is still on the home page.

Until the Dingoes Intelligence Network files the final report this is just joining the dots, but how could Fairfax hold one of their journalists to standards that they let an entire publication of theirs #PissForEquality all over?

We at The Dingoes are making a crowdsourcing appeal to our readers for a physical copy of Paul Sheehan’s “The horrifying untold story of Louise” SMH 22/02/2016. We know many of you have a penchant—they said it’d come off your record, but it doesn’t—for mailing out crank letters to public figures and dignitaries made from poorly cut out letters from magazines and newspapers, one of you must have a copy of the article. There’s a half smoked pack of winnie blues for the person with enough agency to send us the article in the crank letter format. The more mismatched the letters the better.