I have the pleasure to introduce a new podcast to thedingoes.xyz. The Darwin Digest is a TRS syndicated program that discusses reality from a scientific perspective.

This week on the Darwin Digest Lawrence Drake and Soap Merchant discuss Intergroup Conflict and how these in groups tend to form and act.

Show Notes
  • 0.00.00 The bystander effect
  • 0.05.00 Slight correction: got the order of awards mixed around a little, it goes bronze star (lowest), bronze medallion and then bronze cross, so when I say bronze star I mean bronze cross
  • 0.19.22 Group productivity
  • 0.32.00 Decision making and groups
  • 0.35.13 www.scientificamerican.com/article/how…us-smarter/ by Katherine W. Phillips
  • 0.58.54 Contact Hypothesis
  • 1.14.47 Robbers cave experiment