Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 70: Army Casting Couches" on Spreaker.

Gustav, Digger, Aussie Tory, Giant Bean and ShireSh*tposter discuss the Australia 2020 goals for closing the gap, fixing our military with creative feminine input and how a promising young National let his autism get the better of him.

Dingo pool party
University poz ponzi
St. Petersburg train bombing
Gopnik voting fraud
The education of a young bottom
Latham and talk-back revolution
18c reform fails
'Civil Conservatism'
Diversity strengthening our defence force
Army casting couches
Golborne's Supermosque
Pro-Aboriginal segment
QandA and Hirsi Ali
Vic presents: The Wang Show
Antisemitic Greens refuse invitation to Jewish Dinner
Israel Junkets, Kibbutz and Voluntourism
Right-wing NEET squads
Nationals kid declares true colours
History curriculum