Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 69: Latham Defenestration Intensifies" on Spreaker.

This week Gustav, Digger and Aussie Tory discuss Mark Latham’s defenestration from Sky News, 18c, the daily experiences of living in a non-White Australia and much more.

Show Notes
  • Latham forced out of Skynews
  • Who could replace Latham
  • The London Attacks on QandA
  • Islamophobia hour
  • 18c are race hate laws
  • QandA tweets
  • People do care about non-economic issues
  • Section 18d in good faith speech
  • The weakness of our protector class
  • Intra-Semitism
  • The impacts of Chinese in Australia: Many such cases
  • Tan the man Stan Grant v Dick Smith replacement population
  • Experiences of diversity
  • D’nations

Mark Latham calls a spade a spade 2

China Influence


Gender theory for VIC pre-schoolers

Chinese eating all te pipi's like a Zerg swarm

18c ANZAC truth

Jewish leaders thought it was a sin to report child abuse