Gustav and Dingger go at it alone this week to cover the proposed changes to 18c, the costs of speaking out at the POZ, the weeks Dingo Twitter Domination of Q&A and much else. The new site will be up soon cobbers. It will be worth the wait.

  • 18C Racial Discrimination Act
  • The reasonable test is the average person test
  • It becomes a rent-seeking mechanism
  • The impact of the act on the civil society
  • The Facts are real but the news are fake: The rule of truth
  • Harmony Day
  • Creating a Nation of trust
  • Taking some responsibility for your group’s actions
  • Alan Joyce: Same-sex marriage is good for business
  • Dutton working behind the scenes for Same Sex marriage
  • When is it ok catcall a woman?
  • When should corporate socially advocate
  • Victorian increase in crime
  • The cost of speaking up
  • The malaise and cost of the system on the induvial
  • The Gay Panic Law
  • D’nations
  • Dingo Twitter Dominate Q&A
  • ABC radio segment ending
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