Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 67: Sudanese just want to have fun" on Spreaker.

This week Gustav, Aussie Tory and Digger are joined by Il Duce to discuss; the WA election results for One Nation, QandA spastics and #DingoTwitter's special appearances, Gay Jewish boomers with Asian beards that want the White man to give up and embrace a future of brown nipples, the establishment of authentic Sudanese Australian youth traditions in Melbourne, the next saga in the housing bubble and fat POZed messes that have hit the wall but still want attention.

So what are you some kind of Emu Lover, pull up a hay bail, discard your cucking Coopers, open a Veebs and get comfy with the dulcet tones of the pack.

  • Il Duce’s take on One Nation’s WA election results
  • Normalizing dissent over the watercooler
  • One Nation’s chances in the next QLD election
  • A crisis is a precondition for change
  • What the Zoo looks like up close
  • The ABC is democracy
  • More on the preference deal
  • D’nations aka beer shekels
  • QandA recap, Bill Leak protest and #DingoTwitter screenshots
  • Elder Sudanese keeping Moomba safe while their youth Just Want to Have Fun
  • Mid show break with The Project’s take on #DingoTwitter
  • Boomer tells us to Embrace the end of our people
  • The relationship the left has with China
  • Indigenous science award
  • Housing, the bubble the Ponzi
  • Anti marriage: big fat mess
  • Little Wally’s podcast

The Project take on #dingotwitter

Love Party
Jewish Boomer wishes for our end

Sudanese youth traditions

Sudanese keeping us safe from themselves

Indigenous award for science

Is it a bubble or the future we choose