Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 66: An evening with Gregory Lauder-Frost" on Spreaker.

This week Gustav, Dave, Digger and Aussie Tory are joined by Gregory Lauder-Frost leader of the Traditional Britain Group to discuss the current state and future of England. Then the Dingoes cover the week’s domestic issues and reply to last week’s guest Adam Piggott’s blog post about his experience on the show.…the-boomers/…-Frog-logo.html

Show Notes
  • Frosts personal journey
  • High Toryism
  • The failure of the British political process
  • English Immigration
  • Cycling between the two parties
  • The prospect of UKIP
  • Reformation of the Conservative Party
  • Frost's PhD on the end of the Russian civil war
  • Russia’s biggest threat is China
  • American influence in the Asian Pacific
  • The Franklin Islands
  • The Traditional Britain Group
  • The EU and Pan-Europeanism
  • How will it get better after it gets worse
  • The Gang turn to local news after the interview
  • The Liberal Party pride march
  • How the Liberals are dealing with One Nation
  • Mass immigration double down by the government
  • WA landowner refuses to sell to Muslims
  • A repo to Adam Piggott article of last week’s show
  • The Baby Boomer Question
  • Ebook merchants
  • Why we do this
  • Pepe The Smerf Electrician

Adam Piggott: Stop blaming the boomers.

QLD Pepe Electriction