Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 63: Interview with George Christensen" on Spreaker.

Gustav, Aussie.Tory, Digger and Evening news get together for a special episode featuring George Christensen, MP from the great state of Queensland.

  • Christensen's history
  • Shift in views to a working class conservatism
  • The Cory
  • The future of the parties
  • Economics and Immigration
  • The Q society
  • RDA 18c
  • The issues of Christenson's electorate
  • The Guardian article
  • Evening News losing his twitter account
  • DingoTwitter's tweets on QandA
  • Islam is the most Feminist Religion
  • Sam Dastyari QandA is a right wing conspiracy
  • Youths of African appearance rampage through Melbourne festival Waleed Ali addresses the Bogan Question
  • Talking about Muslims
  • The Australian Conservatives
  • D'nations