Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 62: Mark Latham 2 - Dingo Boogaloo" on Spreaker.

In defiance of Emus everywhere the Dingoes return with former Labor leader and Outsider co-host Mark Latham. We expand on past discussions about the outsider insurgency, the formation of Cory Bernardi‘s new party targeting the 25% of the electorate who are looking for an alternative, housing, immigration, some decent shitposting and much more.

Show Notes
  • Latham interview
  • Cory Bernardi and the fall of Turnbull
  • The electorate open to outsiders
  • Housing and the economy
  • The Left in Australia
  • Russia and Trump derangement syndrome
  • Peter Dutton becoming leader of the Liberals
  • Dingoes-posting…
  • QandA POZ
  • Public Health
  • Environmental issues, scale an over population
  • Victoria Crime
  • Tim Tams
  • Which kind of Australian are you?
  • The Nouveau riche