Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 61: Pill testing will solve Liberalism" on Spreaker.

Gustav, Dave and Digger hold down the fort while Tory is off attending prerequisite ASIO HR training. We press on with the degeneracy of Rainbow serpent, the compulsory selling of Aussie farm land for the Singapore military, Trump, deep analysis of the Australia political system and Dave drives it home with some shitposting, many such cases.

Show Notes
  • Canada Happening
  • Pill testing will solve liberalism
  • New migrant unemployment
  • QLD farmers land for Singapore war games.
  • Trumps travel ban and Australian reaction
  • Trumpain politics in Australia?
  • What party / electoral system is best for Trumpism
  • Email from a listener
  • End of cars built in Australia
  • Higher cost of living

Triple J covers POZ festival