Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 60: The Solution(s) comes later" on Spreaker.

The week Dave, Gustav, Digger and Aussie Tory swelter through the heat to give you a good lark of all the happenings in Dingo land and Trumps non-stop winning. How’s that for ya fallers, we didn't miss a week and gonna be back in a few days for week 61, because we are not tired of winning!

Show Notes
  • detention centers escapades
  • Trump does what he said he would
  • His effect in the Asian pacific
  • Australia Day
  • The Greens
  • Australia Day Reports
  • Housing
  • What made Australia great
  • D’nations
  • Nazi LARPer
  • Muslim group strategy
  • The Project
  • Draining the Billabong
  • hewillnotdivideus