Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 9: Pink Swastikas and Alt-Right Alleyways" on Spreaker.

Gustav, Mammon, Aussie-Tory and Reggae Dave get together to discuss various goings-on in our ninth episode.

Show Notes
  • 0:00:23 Dingo Iowa Pool-Party
  • 0:07:19 Fairfax’s useful idiot Hartcher cucks for refugees
  • 0:15:57 Bendigo cover-up of who’s doing the raping
  • 0:24:43 Dave reads New Matilda Taqquiya piece by author of ‘Does my head look big in this?’
  • 0:36:11 Black bodies and the legacy of Colonialism
  • 0:43:22 North Korea is best Korea
  • 0:45:10 Dave explains how meth is an Aryan drug
  • 0:49:40 left libertarians are, well, left
  • 1:09:43 Anime is not degenerate
  • 1:13:00 The Pozibilities and the Australian media landscape
  • 1:17:13 Pink Swastikas and Fashy Mannerbund alleyways
  • 1:21:15 Property Market. Can we make a Chinese echo symbol?
  • 1:30:16 Please clap
  • 1:40:00 Feminism and (((communities)))
  • 2:16:00 Putting a crackpipe in it