Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 59: Purge is the word you're looking for" on Spreaker.

The Dingoes are back with some Dank Dingo OC from Dachau Blues. This week: the anti-Trump march of the dumpster-fires, The Bourke Street Mall rampage, Spencer’s brush with Antifa, NSW politics and so much more.

Show Notes
  • Anti-Trump protests
  • Trump press conference and speech
  • Undermining the Narrative with Make America Great again
  • Australian of the year and the magic education
  • African vibrancy: Apex
  • Australia Day Muslim Banner
  • Australia Day Lamb Add
  • Centerlink debt notices
  • Public sector admin gravy train
  • Dingo Dank OC, “When the War is Over” By Ozzie Oi
  • Richard Spencer sucker punch
  • Melbourne Bourke street rampage
  • Islamic Phobic Hour
  • We wuz Islamic Scientists
  • Muslimas included in 18C
  • Mass migrations economic effect
  • Infrastructure
  • Melbourne planning
  • Global population with gumballs
  • NSW Premier and Lockout Laws
  • One Nation growth in popularity
  • Australia Day and Tipple Gay