Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 44: Ponzi Prosperity" on Spreaker.

In this week's episode The Dingoes Gustav, Aussie-Tory and Digger shitpost about beer, Asians, women's (((liberation))) and kvetch over what would happen to our economy if we halted immigration.

Show Notes
  • 0:02 Asian beer and Duterte’s Shoa
  • 0:08 Crowderposting
  • 0:17 Proudboys
  • 0:24 Macrobusiness
  • 0:37 Convservative shills
  • 0:41 What would happen if we halted immigration
  • 1:21 Greyhounds and NSW corruption
  • 1:33 LARP until its real
  • 1:34 Dodgy training schemes rort

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The Great Immigration Con

Inside the private VET swindle

What would happen if we halted immigration?