Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 43: The Muslims who built Australia" on Spreaker.

Gustav, King-Bogan, Digger and Tory cover last week's trigger-happy episode of Hack Live, throw out the black piwws, and try to clarify what it means to be Australian. Featuring Moonman OC from ausposter.

Show Notes
  • 0:00 Moonman song by ausposter
  • 0:24 What is an Australian
  • 0:50 “Right wing-extremists”
  • 0:50 The Southern Cross and Symbology
  • 1:13 Challenging anti-semitic stereotypes
  • 1:21 Muslim does own poll on immigration
  • 1:23 Black Piww
  • 1:28 Twitter ((analysis))
  • 1:33 Co-opting doesn’t real
  • 1:39 Trump debate

Hack TV "Aussie Patriots"