Listen to "The Convict Report Episode 29: The Hunt for the Red Civil Servant" on Spreaker.

This week Gustav, Digger, Tory, Dave and Calwell and joined by fellow Dingo Giant Bean to talk about the upcoming election, women in the workplace and head-hunting public servants.

Show Notes
  • 0:01:00 Election 2016
  • 0:06:30 Hanson and One nation
  • 0:16:30 Hung Parliament
  • 0:39:00 YL rent-a-crowds
  • 0:42:32 Liberal and Labour staffers: hide the cucumber
  • 0:55:00 Openly Alt-right MPs
  • 1:00:00 Vibrancy in the workplace
  • 0:1:18 Brexit (before it happened)

Farmer murders environment officer

Giant Bean's article