Quite a fuss has been made about Donald Trump's decision to ban transgenders from serving in the military. One astute political commentator tweeted the following:

I do not know what study (if any) she is referring to, but it sounds about right. One study found that around one quarter of transgender youth attempt suicide, and another estimates that around 41% of all transgenders attempt suicide at some point. But Ms Gaga does not seem to realise that she is making Trump's case for him.

The United States military recruits based on ability to serve effectively, which is why they prevent people from joining if they have medical conditions such as gastritis and bowel disease, or if their mental health is considered to be poor. Given that transgenders not only have a shockingly high suicide rate but also extremely high levels of depression, phobias and adjustment disorders, their ability to serve effectively is more than questionable.

Those whose worldview is shaped by such sources as Lady Gaga's Twitter feed will of course retort that this mental anguish (or "gender dysphoria") is only linked to transgenderism in so far as it is not accepted and celebrated by society at large. A few things need to be said here.

For starters, let's look at a class of people who also have high rates of suicidality: traumatised war veterans. Here we find those unfortunate enough to attempt suicide at a rate noticeably higher than the general population. But we also find the experiences of having limbs blown off, watching their comrades die before them, and countless other miseries brought by the battlefield. Despite this, their suicide rate remains lower than that of transgenders.

Are we really to believe that in today's "progressive" society - one where we are celebrating transgenderism to the point of removing our children's genitals - that our supposed intolerance is forcing transgenders into a predicament so severe that they take their own lives at a higher rate than those who experience the horror stories of combat???

Let's explore what is really happening. It must be stressed that transgenderism is not something you are born with. Walt Heyer - himself a former transgender who now regrets having undergone gender reassignment surgery - notes a 2014 study showing no specific chromosome aberration associated with male-to-female transsexualism, and a 2013 study showing no molecular mutations in the genes involved in sexual differentiation. Scans on the brains of transgenders indeed show unique aberrations, but as there is absolutely no genetic or biological aberrations present at birth, it must be concluded that the brain's plasticity begins to remould itself thus allowing transgenderism to manifest later in life. But why?

In his extensive research on the subject, Heyer has noted a troubling pattern when examining the lives of transgenders. Whenever their profiles are studied, we find similar childhood stories of sexual and physical abuse, neglect, family loss and other such traumas. He concludes that it is ridiculous to say that transgenderism is acting alone, but instead "binds with an additional co-morbid mental illness." Indeed, a 2009 study found that 90% of a sample of transgender patients to have at least one psychopathology related to "mood and anxiety regulation and adaption in the world.”

And while transgender advocates like pointing to brain scans to plead their case, such neuroimaging studies actually lend support to the notion that the brain has been traumatised. As mentioned, such biological differences are not noted at birth, but further, a 2014 study examined the link between transgenderism and schizophrenia, noting that "Neurobiological research, including brain imaging and studies of finger length ratio and handedness, suggests that both these disorders are associated with altered cerebral sexual dimorphism and changes in cerebral lateralization. Various mechanisms, such as Toxoplasma infection, reduced levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), early childhood adversity, and links with autism spectrum disorders, may account for some of this overlap."

This is perhaps why a patient underwent successful treatment for his transgenderism by using Pimozide, an anti-psychotic medication used to treat schizophrenia and other psychotic illnesses. The patient also had co-morbid disorders and showed an overall improvement as a result of the treatment.

Of course, we cannot make sweeping conclusions based on only one patient, but this is part of why we must demand transgenderism to be stigmatised. Walt Heyer notes that around 62.7% of transgenders have untreated mental disorders, and around 30% commit suicide because of such untreated disorders. The lack of willingness to recognise transgenderism as an illness is causing us to overlook the related disorders surrounding it, and as a result we are simply not willing to examine and invest in possible treatments which could relieve such horrendous pain and anguish.

Instead of encouraging transgenders to seek help we tell them to flood their bodies with dangerous chemicals and hormones, and to mutilate their bodies. And what an utter disaster this has been. After spending tens of thousands of dollars on treatment which in no way changes gender, transgenders continue to suffer from the same disorders and alarmingly high suicide rates.

It wouldn't be so bad if the consequences were confined to what is a tiny minority, but like all "civil rights" movements, its advocates insist on poisoning the rest of us. We have transgender "women" like Fallon Fox beating the utter crap out of actual women, transgenders insisting on playing in sports teams of the their "chosen" gender, and, of course, transgenders insisting on using the bathrooms of their choice. In 2012, a parent called the police after her daughter walked into a locker room and observed a 45-year-old student named Colleen Francis "sitting with her legs open with her male genitalia showing" with girls as young as six years old present. A 2011 study also found a concerning number of transgender biological males opting for reassignment surgery in order to increase their intimate contact with children, which they viewed to be more socially acceptable in a female role.

But worst of all is the sickening practice of assigning transgenderism to children. Falling victim to the collective delusion of today's sick society, parents are actually giving credence to the idea of "born in the wrong body" in children as young as three. Children may also believe that they have magic powers, and around 80% will end up losing their gender dysmorphia, but this isn't stopping parents from subjecting them to puberty blockers and cross-hormone therapy, the risks of which include bloating, cramps, mood-swings and depression, and long-term risks including osteoporosis. Puberty suppression may also wildly distort what a child's sexuality and identity would have been had the process occurred naturally. And that is not to mention all the other goodies transgenders face. In other words, parents are setting up their children for completely fucked up lives.

If we continue to treat transgenderism the same as any valid identity, we will continue down the same path which abundantly provides suicide, depression, sawn-off genitals and the disgusting abuse of innocent children. We do not "celebrate" and "accept" other mental disorders like bipolar and borderline personality disorder; instead, we attach stigmas to them where we do not ridicule those unfortunate enough to succumb to such illnesses, but at the same time we do encourage them to seek help. This is the same way transgenderism should be treated. We should not wish to impose such a life on someone, and those who do suffer must want to get better. If not, the transgender infection will continue to kill us.