It is only a matter of hours before the July 22 Wiki article is edited to include the recent shootings in Munich. On this day next year people looking to kill time or to plagiarise work will be greeted with a real humdinger of a coincidence. These shootings are five years apart from Zionist-turned-ethnonationalist Anders Breivik’s shooting and bombing spree which claimed 77 lives.

The gunman has been identified as an 18-year-old German born Iranian man (I’m reminded of a certain Arthur Wellesley quote…). This is just a minor detail that will have no bearing on the media narrative. Sure, it will have to be factored into the particulars of the spin, but when the script being read goes from Ethnomasochism A to Ethnomasochism B do the details even matter? So let’s completely forget who perpetrated this atrocity for a moment and examine the initial reports and frantic connecting of dots.

At least 10 people have been killed, perhaps 15. The Munich police have been operating under the assumption that there are multiple gunmen. Some reports say there was a lone (wolf) gunman and he shot himself at the scene.

What is known is that the shooting took place inside the Olympia Einkaufszentrum mall and out on the streets. At a McDonalds the shooter targeted children.

What is unknown is the motive.

My hand spasmed nearly as violently and uncontrollably as Hillary Clinton’s petit mal seizure as I typed that obvious lie. Dishonesty disfigures the soul which in turn rebels against the body causing such convulsions, clearly.

Even after the shooter has been identified — whom for present purposes we’re forgetting — the motive is still unknown!

A Muslim woman is reported to have heard the gunman shout “Allah’u akbar”. She knows what she heard because, well, she’s a Muslim. It is doubtful whether the press would have reported this account had the eyewitness not been of the correct religious persuasion.

Other reports have the gunman ranting against foreigners and Turks, saying he is a German. Even those whose German is limited to the fifth grade can work out that “scheiß Ausländer” is being shouted by either the cameraman or a man next to him. From what I can piece together the gunman is blaming his actions on ethnic Germans bullying him and perhaps his exclamation of “fucking Turks” is his recounting the mean words he has had to endure during his now brief tenure in this world. A life lived well on Hartz 4 benefits. Judge for yourself.

The media used these words like tiles in a game of scrabble, coming up with their own that fit the Ethnomasochism A script. Honesty and reality are foreign concepts to the Left. Necessarily. In order to view the world the way they do conspiratorial thinking and bizarre logical leaps are required. For instance, the Wikileaks dump of the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) emails is a Russian plot. Think about it.

“Fucking Turks”, “fucking foreigners” and “I am a German” are twisted by twisted minds to mean the gunman is a neo-Nazi. It makes perfect sense too. Anders Breivik committed his hate crimes on this day five years ago. It just has to be a copycat killing in his honour. The symbolism is just too perfect for it not to be. In the face of recent attacks, it was an irresistible choice. The one exception that could have proved the rule that White male domestic terrorists are the biggest danger to the Open Society.

There was no meaning in the day chosen. It could have happened yesterday; it could have happened tomorrow. But it happened today. There is a pattern of course. It’s another piece in the puzzle that is the Islamic world and their war on the Frankish kafir. ISIS Twitter was in celebration mode this morning; "thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic State men," wrote one Jihadi; "the Islamic State is expanding in Europe,” gloated another.

This is where the Iranian’s piece of the puzzle becomes slightly misshapen in placing it with the past week’s attacks. Although he yelled “Allah’u akbar”, it is not so clear cut that he was a Jihadi so much as someone alienated from the society around him. Perhaps he was both. What it does is force the media to go from script A to script B which will be to push for more tolerance, more community intermingling, more handouts to foreigners. More refugees even! There will be calls for people “not to give into fear” because that is what ISIS wants. Instead we must open our hearts, our minds, our arms, our legs, and our borders.

The ultimate cause of this shooting is white supremacy. If he were made to feel welcome he would not have gone on a shooting spree. The classic illogical reasoning that non-Whites lack agency and are mindless organisms responding to environmental stimuli will be trotted out in the coming days.

Gregory Hood recently revived Joe Sobran’s concept of The Hive, being the way the Left work in concert without having to conspire. Unison through shared ends. The neo-Breivikite plot could be explained this way. It could also be that the media and politicians are more incestuous than is usually meant by insiders moving between the two camps. The Wikileaks emails shockingly reveal the DNC dictating the editorial line for certain journalists at Politico, CNN, and NBC. It stands to reason that this could be the norm. That there is far greater collusion between governments and that very symbol of the free and open society, the fourth estate.

The governments and journalists of the Western world have the same approach to the problem, and that is to have no workable solution. You will hear no calls for the halt of non-White immigration from either party — assuming they are distinct entities — nor will you hear calls for citizenship review and repatriation for those already here like our 18-year-old Iranian friend. That is only something you will hear from the likes of us.