Arguably the greatest strength of the Alt Right last year was its memetic warfare. Conferences were bigger and better attended—well, to be fair not getting arrested in Hungary adds at least two points to every possible metric in evaluating last year's conferences—every NEET and his 2D waifu were making podcasts, but it was the memes that made the Alt Right a household name and gained notoriety for internet socks and public faces with fashy haircuts alike.

Cuckservative has now entered mainstream parlance, and causes cunts to cringe like an American cringing at the word “cunt”—precious little darlings. Its provenance is disputed, and may very well be lost to us, but the haze lifts as we approach the word’s popularisation by TRS commenters mid-2015.

To any Alt Righter, it’s quite easy to see that it is a portmanteau of “cuckold” and “conservative” to mean a soi-disant rightist who is anything but when a quick squiz is thrown their way revealing someone who may as well be a leftist because they advance leftist causes. After all, it isn’t controversial to think one is as one does.

Although there is nothing mysterious in the name, it absolutely confounded cuckservatives. They thought it was an anti-Christian slur by Nietzschean Christophobes, or just outright racist. Not quite.

Each and every time the hamster wheel ticked over in their heads it was a victory for the Alt Right. You see, they didn’t have the modesty to entertain their thoughts in the privacy of their brachycephalic skulls, but instead invited us to ponder the depths of this term and the depravity of our own minds with them.

This was win-win for the Alt Right as each hit piece put the name out there as well as showed the world what utter fools the mainstream right actually are. Overall, a successful operation in the larger meme war, I would say.

Just as phony conservatives copped it from the Alt Right’s memetic ray guns, so too did the self-identifying left.

Those brave lads with lower time preferences than the likes of you and I may possess turned their attention to the Tumblristas. They battled through the mundanity to realise all pozzible justifications in all pozzible worlds had coalesced into a single monolithic rationale for the left; it’s The Current Year, stupid.

The Current Year's very utterance is powerful enough to send Enlightened rainbow coloured shockwaves (visible only to non-shitlords) dispelling non-Current Year views and sending their expositors back into the abyss that is their fap caves.

Why, mass non-white immigration? It’s the Current Year! Why, gay “marriage” (or garriage for short)? It’s The Current Year! Why, headmates? It’s The Current Year! And so they proclaimed for each and every position they held.

Is this just a strawman devised to keep the progressyve womyn down? That is what they’ll tell you whilst can’t even’ing about how regressive your values are, proud white shitlord. They cannot see passed the ideological blinkers to understand that like any other stereotype there is a basis in reality for this pithy phrase.

I first began to notice the underlying logic to The Current Year as unreconstructed Bolshevik agitators proclaimed the death of bourgeois marriage through the gay agenda and cucks promoted the survival of bourgeois marriage through the gay agenda. This was around The Current Year-5 (for those still using the bigoted Christian calendar this is 2010).

On Australian tertiary campuses feminists hadn’t begun to grow all their pubic hair, let alone dye it. Those same sheilas were only beginning to discover their barbaric side in forming roller derby leagues, and gender benders were confined to the disabled toilets. Yet, there was a change in the air that I felt to be very palpable.

The left have always been content to sneer at opposing voices, and the more extremist elements quite happy to silence those voices by any means necessary. By the same token, the average campus leftist was not that obsessed with the certainty of their own position, the mean has always been apathetic. And although statements like “I can’t believe you just said that, it’s X year” have been in vogue, they did not convey the same sense or vision.

All prior utterances were expressions of false bourgeois consciousness, beholden to a Whiggish view of history. Which is to say, history is linear and it is always getting better, but this is the view of liberal English aristocrats. Feral leftists do not a Thomas Babington Macaulay make. There was something else gurgling beneath the surface here.

The argument that gay marriage was inevitable was that something else. The media were spouting this phrase unopposed, as were the more radical politicians from stupol up to Federal Parliament. It was this inevitability that emboldened the left to get on the slippery slope that they say does not exist and put out the feelers for paedophile acceptance, polygamy, and bestiality (still waiting on the apology they owe Cory Bernardi).

The key to capital ‘H’ History had been discovered, again, and like the last time, those on the wrong side of her are to be violently suppressed. Such is life under leftist singularity.

The Current Year is just another expression of the left’s propensity towards historicism. This is the view that human thought is historically bound and can only be understood by those living in that time, or at least in its strongest formulation.

And like the old key, now worn down to an ugly nub, there is somehow a necessary dialectic, which culminates in an End of History. The Current Year is that end. No other moral concerns are valid in The Current Year as they are from before The Current Year and cannot be comprehended for that fact alone.

Where previously in the progressive mind the Earth rotated on her axis, revolving around the Sun, days turning to years and bringing with them progress, now the Earth is in stasis, suspended in the æther, The Current Year in perpetuum.

But is it?

I’m not going to dismiss it for the sake of countering the left, especially as historicism is an open question, and that is too arcane a matter for our present concern. But, the left have not offered any justification for their new historicism.

The Alt Right’s meme about The Current Year demands of the left that they put up or shut up. Whenever they complain about the vacuity of the meme, they “dis themselves” unknowingly. This is so because the power of the meme rests in the idiocy of the left’s new historicism. When it is mirrored back to them with the meme, they don’t like what they see.

Yet, they never give up reminding us in which year we presently live.

Why should they, when they are the only discernible narrative above the din of the 24-hour news cycle? The fact that they awakened to the “inevitability” of gay marriage was due to the mainstream right fleeing from the field of the Culture Wars. They have been uncontested, and even supported by the cucks these last few decades that they need no justification for any moronic position they may hold.

The Alt Right’s successful meme campaign last year is restarting history, or ending the stasis of The Current Year, slowly getting the Earth to revolve around the Sun. The Sun now being the Form of the Good—yes, I have possibly extended this metaphor to death.

It will take time for a complete revolution, having shaken off the left’s complacency, but it will be hastened with more memes, and more acts of everyday dissent against the narrative. The only reason they are triumphalist and lazy with their assertions is because they are not used to being challenged.

When Alt Rightists, or everyday normal people, take the left to task to justify our racial dispossession it will no longer be The Current Year. Instead, that year will be known as the one where we took that decisive step bringing us closer to reclaiming our destiny as a people.