In the three short years since I awoke to the disastrous predicament Australia and the West finds itself in, I have tried to spread the word to as many people as I could. I would interject into conversation the reality of our declining demographics where appropriate, share with my peers the facts Australia long-hidden from us by our elites, and talk them through the reality of race and culture should they be interested. Every tool that was used to guide me out of the cave and into the sun I used to assist my peers.

But trying to lead someone away from the shadows and into the light is harder than being led yourself.

The whys and the hows were simple to answer, as they were the questions you asked yourself when you started to go down the rabbit hole. Answers are conveniently packaged in statistic and soundbite form to deliver immediately to the curious, hopefully satisfying their questions. The last question they ask is one that many of us wondered when we came to the final conclusion. Many of us still ask this, as the answer is not clear like official statements, nor is it precise like crime percentages.

"What is to be done?"

A question with roots in the New Testament (Luke 3:10-14) and most recently made synonymous with socio-political thought and struggle by author Leo Tolstoy, and later Bolshevik agitator and dictator Vladimir Lenin.

Each of us grapples with this question when confronted with the dire situation we find ourselves in. By looking to our fellow travellers and Identitarian peers in Europe and America, as well as our pre-Federation Nationalist campaigns we can begin to chart ourselves a way out of the death spiral.

Changing the "Superstructure"

One of the more interesting and actually useful ideas to come out of Marxism is the concept of the Base-Superstructure Nexus. The Base is the means and relations of production (i.e. factories and proletariat, respectively) while the Superstructure is everything else not related to the aforementioned groups. The Marxists believe the Base and Superstructure maintain and shape one another, which is to a degree correct. Culture (Superstructure) shapes the work ethic of labourers (Base), factories (Base) produce goods that enhance science and education (Superstructure), and so on.

The reason why the Anti-White Elites across the world have been so successful in their mission to destroy Western Civilisation is that they control institutions of the Superstructure - Law, Politics, and the Media. Through these they have managed to propagate their concepts of White Guilt, Radical Feminism, and Globalism just to name a few. If we are to have any hope of rescuing ourselves from the destruction of the West then we need to take back control of the Superstructure.

We cease from eating out of the ideological trash-can of pop-culture by creating our own art, literature and media to replace the mainstream institutions opposed to our existence. Our colleagues in Europe and America are already doing this with such publications as Red Ice Radio and The Right Stuff generating their own writing and media. Even our own forefathers before Federation were involved in creating art and literature to promote Australian Nationalism - such examples are The Heidelberg School of Impressionist painters, and The Bulletin School of bush poets.

Building Parallel Communities

It's safe to say that there aren't many spaces in Australia for edgelords and wrongthinkers to congregate and not have to bite their tongues, lest some Leftist Cuck tries to ruin our lives. We need to be able to interact with each other in the flesh, not just here online behind anonymity. There's also the problem of current institutions being overtly hostile to Anglo-Australians and Whites in general - such places include schools, government, and "public forums."

Organising to meet each other offline is how we start to build our new, parallel communities. With meetings comes connections, and with connections comes group influence - imagine, if you will, by meeting a partner in crimethink for a drink he decided to give your business patronage, and you his. Imagine a group that, because they know each other personally and not just offline, they are in a position to support one another should one of them be down on his luck. Imagine that by having a community group of fellow nationalists you are together better able to influence institutions like churches, clubs, and even local councils. Groups in Europe and America have for a long time been meeting and organising with great success, from small gatherings to large conferences. Meeting in person to form these bonds is a critical step in the path to real action and change in the world.

Understandably there are those of us who are unsure or are unable to take such a leap of faith. However, that shouldn't stop you from trying to foster the development of such groups. You can do this by providing online spaces for the organisation of such meetings, providing financial aid - no matter how small - to nationalist projects or like-minded White Australians in need of assistance, or even building your own group from those in your peerage who aren't complete Leftist Anti-Whites.

Engaging in Micro and Macro Political Activism

Getting involved in promoting our ideas in the general public is an activity we have to take part in if we want to reach out to the hearts and minds of our countrymen. Political activism is the obvious method for carrying this out.

There are two kinds of political activism you can get into - Macro Activism and Micro Activism. Micro Activism is little acts you can do which serve to influence the social and political atmosphere in your immediate environment - examples are engaging peers with Rightist, Nationalist talking points (where appropriate), and countering Leftist propaganda with our own (covertly, of course). Macro Activism is when you and a larger group act to not only influence the immediate social and political atmosphere but also that of the whole country - this is carried out by joining a party or political advocate group partial/on-side with our cause and working for national change.

So to advance the cause for an Australia for Australians in your day-to-day life you can nudge political conversation in a nationalist direction where appropriate, and mock Leftists and their talking points when and where you believe you can. Find a group or organisation that you can take part in nationalist activism with (perhaps the ones you would form/join in Building Parallel Communities above), and help fellow Australians to accept and support Nationalism.

The three aims listed above and how we can realise them have been in practice in America and Europe for nearly a decade now (in some cases, even longer) and have done wonders for promoting nationalist ideas and influencing public discourse. Such examples are the rise of Donald Trump and American Nationalist Racialist political discourse, and the increasingly negative views and opinions of Multiculturalism, Diversity, and Globalism held by Europeans.

We too can see great change here in Australia - all we need to do is get to work.