Fake news outlets quickly sought to establish moral horror as the strategic response to the recent uptick in nativist sentiment and one of its online expressions here at The Dingoes. It is just the same as genocide to hold what were the views of the vast majority of the population and parliament for most of our nation's history. We are told that it is wrong to maintain the idea that we built and founded this country, that it is evil that we should seek to preserve the conditions that made for our prosperity and existence. The fundamental condition of our past and future being our demographic integrity - our historically overwhelming and unchallenged demographic majority.

We can expect that the chattering classes who haven't graduated past Fairfax's tabloid pablum will shudder at the cries of "racism" and their new favourite "anti-semitism". This is a crude propaganda mechanism which, much like the boy who cried wolf, is slowly diminishing in effectiveness.

These lazy smear attempts do not worry us. The kind of person who reads tabloids and thinks as instructed by fake reporters of dying news outlets is not the kind of person we expect to be capable of participation in real and lasting change. They are the rent-seekers and parasites, the speculators and mandarins in media, government, business and the political bureaucracy who will continue to loot and destroy every last living breathing expression of our nation until a third world scenario threatens their security or there's nothing left to take.

The winds of change are upon us, and no amount of "calling out racism" can stop them. Racial tensions are on the rise, and are being further inflamed along two fronts. The first being mass-immigration. The colossal rate of population growth, concentrated in our eastern capitals, has left the incumbent population under no illusion that this is for their own good. Entire suburbs transformed into foreign zones which more often than not entail a deterioration of amenity, beauty, security and social capital.

It is the iconic "Aussie-Battler" who does not have the luxury of avoiding proximity to third world settlements. He knows deep down that adopting the trappings of tourist-friendly Australiana - Aussie flag thongs, Akubra hats, blue Bonds singlets et cetera do not fundamentally transform visitors from China, India or Iraq into Aussies. The charm and beauty of the Australian people - in spite of constant denials of its worth or existence, "cultural cringe", lies in their subtlety and unassuming nature of social relations, not to mention the inherent qualities of a healthy, northwestern European stock. The natural in-group kin preference is yet to be forfeited by the silent majority of white Australians. They have just been denied the vocabulary to be able to speak out against their dispossession. They have been taught that they "occupy stolen land" are denied at schools and state ceremonies the freedom to affirm their right and proper role as the inheritors of our country and civilisation, and as deciders of its future.

The second front where the agents of white dispossession are most concentrated is located in the the media. To borrow a term from our Semitic cousins, the chutzpah of our anti-white ruling class exceeds what we believed possible just a few months ago.

Tim Soup, Australia's Human Rights Commissioner publicly stated last week that Australia's corporate boards are "too Anglo" and urged companies to begin collecting racial profiles of their executives and employees in order to remedy the situation.

Conservatives who insist that they "don't see race" or can simply ignore racial politics are engaging in a kind of rhetorical self-castration. We all see race. This is a fiction we can clearly dismiss at first glance. But to those who insist upon maintaining their own delusions, take heed: even if you cannot "see race", race can "see you". All other groups behave according to their group's interests.

There is no nobility in acting universally amongst tribalists; no honour in being a chump; no prize or leniency for being a loser. That is exactly what is happening to the European majority. We are losing out against competing groups who do not reciprocate our generosity and do not form a natural part of our polity.

The extent of the media's concerted attempts to de-legitimise the existence, history and future of white Australia extends beyond the scope of the article. There would not be enough space within several paragraphs to list all of the subversive media personalities actively promoting third worldism, "antiracism", Islamism and demographic swamping. But there are some more prominent than others. If you haven't already endured the lies, moral-preening and self-indulgent appeals to emotion peddled by the likes of Stan Grant, Yassim Al Majid, Ruby Hamad, Ray Martin, Andrew Denton or John Safran, it may be instructive to familiarise yourself with their techniques and talking points.

The reason these "journalists" and their employers at Fairfax, the ABC and SBS are redoubling their efforts may be because, on some level, they have an awareness that this obscene experiment is happening too fast for the ordinary Aussie to bear. Their patsies and useful idiots can cover anti-Muslim 'diversity bollards' with as much glitter and pink paint as their hearts wish. But all the kitsch in the world cannot conceal the horror wreaked by Islamic terrorism and the loss of innocence that eternal vigilance entails.

What they truly fear is our collective awakening. Our rejection of their lies and the firm embrace of the uneasy truths that threaten the entire edifice of the neoliberal multicultural experiment. They have succeeded so far in their tactics of suppressing free thought, free speech and excluding dissidents from positions of prominence. They have bribed the public with a ponzi-style, growth and debt addicted economy that splurges on cheap consumer goods to escape the anomie of stagnant wages, employment insecurity, atomised high-density living and the near-impossibility of replicating the living standards of older generations

The mask is slipping. They are afraid.