Going to see the marching bands of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo perform was something I had been looking forward to since receiving tickets at Christmas the previous year. Being an Australian Nationalist, it was a given that I wanted to see our boys in uniform matched up against guests from across the former British Empire, and to bask in how much better they would be than the foreigners - just like every other dinky-di fella there.

After two hours of various troupes marching up and down the impromptu parade ground, Scots playing their pipes and Kiwis breaking out into song and dance, it was time to end on some songs for the ageing audience’s vanity. All the bands gathered on the parade ground and started playing classics like Land Down Under and Auld Lang Syne; much to the crowd’s enjoyment.

Then came the sound of I am Australian, one of the songs most - if not all - Australians should be acquainted with. As I sat there in my seat listening to the playing on the parade ground and the crowd singing along, the lyrics struck me across the face with one of my chief gripes with Australia in the post-modern age; the issue of the Australian identity (or lack thereof).

The first verse dealt with the obligatory romanticised Aboriginals and their noble savage way of living, “First Australian” references and all. And then the second verse that included Australian settlement was leapt over in favour of the third - Depression Australia in the wake of the Great War and the ANZAC sacrifices. As the zeitgeist mandates, all notions of an Australia before the Battle of Gallipoli that doesn’t involve Dreamtime stories and rock paintings is disposed of down the memory hole.

“Why?” you might ask. That is because Colonial Australia and the Federation Era are very problematic. Especially when the Leftists, Cucks, and their (((greatest allies))) are wanting to fool us into thinking that the Australian identity has always been about tolerance, multiculturalism, and rootless cosmopolitanism. We know this simply isn’t true; our nation was founded with the purpose of excluding Chinese and Kanaka migrants from the continent, and to preserve the British character of the Australian people.

The Australians of our Federation’s founding years knew well the dangers posed by cheap foreign labour, and the dangers posed by the Chinese in particular - they were industrious, they were intelligent, and they were beating the White man in every field they competed in. They and the Kanakas were costing White settlers a livelihood in the goldfields of New South Wales and Victoria, and on the sugar plantations of Queensland, respectively. And to make things worse, more and more were streaming into the colonies every day. Even back then there was serious concern that the Chinese would replace the White British settlers as the dominant demographic of the continent.

But in the Current Year asserting that the character of the Australian people is and should remain wholly European, let alone Anglo-Celtic, will probably land you with “Racist White Cunt” branded on your forehead, your family, and your career. Which brings us to the core of I am Australian - its blatantly Universalist chorus:

We are one
But we are many
And from all the lands on earth we come
We'll share a dream
And sing with one voice
I am, you are, we are Australian

In these simple six lines are revealed the modernist vision of the Australian Man; he is of a hundred races, a hundred faiths, a hundred tongues - he is faceless and, most importantly, he is interchangeable. These forces working against us - the media, the government, the (((International Clique))), and even our own upper-middle class - sincerely believe that man is a blank slate, that you can mould him into any which shape you please. It is from this idea that flows the assertion that people who squat to evacuate their lower houses of parliament in the streets of Mumbai, or psychopaths who outright murder others because of their twisted Little Emperor Syndrome, are in any way equal to the Anglo-Australian.

If we continue to let these people come to our homeland then our communities will erode and shrink as their alien cultures and decidedly non-Western moral compasses dominate public spaces they fill, driving the original Australians away to the suburbs or the countryside in White Flight - a phenomenon once unique to America, now seen all over the Western world.

Alfred Deakin, our nation’s esteemed first Attorney-General and second Prime Minister, once said:

”Unity of race is an absolute essential to the unity of Australia."

If we are to ever secure the existence of our people and a future for our children, then we must do away with the self-destructive idea of the “Equality of Man”. No more bending over for Islam, no more kowtowing to Beijing - we will not be denied our homeland, our history, or our culture. It’s time to reassert the interests of Australians; on this continent, and the world over.