After last week’s clean sweep of primaries for the presumptive God Emperor there was little doubt he wouldn’t make it in Indiana today. At least not from the right sorts of people. The children of the corn, or whatever they grow up there in Indiana, did not seek to install the anointed one, the zodiac killer. Not being able to muster his perceived voting base Lyin’ Ted finally decided to call it quits. What a day and what a year to be a right-wing shitlord.

Of course Trump could go against his word in building the wall, in bringing back jobs to America, and making better deals with the Chinese. In that eventuality, not everything would be lost. The Republican Party has finally conceded that it needs to listen to the voice of its White base and not its cosmopolitan donor class — White genocide may be postponed by a few more decades. Trump has reshaped the political landscape irrevocably in making it publicly possible to broach the crimethink topics of immigration and contesting neoliberalism from the right. If all he does is get elected, we in the broader dissident right are better off than where we were last year.

If he is a do-nothing POTUS like Bush Sr. the left will hate him just for existing — if he didn’t exist they’d have to invent him. They will somehow convince themselves that there is a war against their latest protected classes. That is, even when the legislation or conventions they’ve effected are still in place, just that they haven’t been ratchetted up with the most recent fads, this will be evidence of another holocaust being around the corner.

There are parallels to be drawn with George W. Bush here, but he isn’t really comparable in a meaningful way. The perception of Dubya as the great far-right Satan by the international left was not warranted. His was a continuation of the devolution of Conservatism Inc. to the neoconservatives all the while taking Middle America for the rubes they see them as. Perception and reality need to align for a subject in this analogy.

What’s needed is a harbinger of a future past, an archeofuturistic Whiter, less POZ’d time brought back, where children called you “sir” and you weren’t suspected of weird sexual proclivities in enforcing this hierarchy; where the left stuck to union organising and not organising the whole of the Third World to invade Europe and her diaspora; where women were women and men were men and that was the end of it.

No one springs to mind. This possible Trump is in a league of his own. All the Central European right-wing governments are not disappointing and are delivering on their platform; they deserve whatever hatred the left can heap on them.

A meme needs to be invoked to support the Trump meme it seems. Tony Abbott was meme’d as an incorrigible shitlord, winking at old battle axes in the phone sex game and eating onions all of which were taken as ‘microaggresions’ against who knows what. The reality of the meme is that he had the potential to be everything the left feared. He did a good job in the Howard Ministry and an even better one as Opposition leader, truly taking the fight to that unreconstructed Marxist Julia Gillard.

He would have been better as a do-nothing Prime Minister thus keeping the meme a dream but a good one and not the nightmare his Prime Ministership was.

No serious Alt-Rightist thought he would do anything of value. He did “stop the boats” but the planes kept coming. He bowed to the ethnic lobbyists, primarily organised Jewry, and reneged his election promise of repealing §18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 (Cth), thus retaining the illegality of Whites opposing their own dispossession in Australia. These are criticisms we in the Alt-Right can make, and the above is not exhaustive.

The cucks have their own criticisms to make. Writing a bizarre article in the latest edition of the leftist intellectual journal Meanjin, Gray Connolly outlines what he perceives as the failures of the Abbott government and where conservatism needs to go in the future to survive. From the incredibly sound explication of conservatism that even the most avowed 1488er would find hard to disagree with, he somehow ends up in arguing for the incorporation of Islam and Judaism into the Australian nation as well as the recognition of Indigenous Australia in the Constitution. The latter would be fine so long as there was recognition of the Anglo-Celtic core that built this country, which is to say, the definition of the Australian nation, but he cannot make this connection. That would be the conservative proposal as opposed to what he’s written, but that’s asking too much.

The left wouldn’t publish any critique of Abbott and proposal for the future direction of the right in this country by any author here or other kindred blog. In all their perversity they get pleasure in giving a platform for self-identifying conservatives to savage the right. If anything that goes against their views are published, they can point to the offending passages and laugh. Recitation of contrary views is taken as a refutation; isn’t it immediately obvious that we’re wrong?

Abbott’s self-criticism proves that he is partially learning from his mistakes and still considers public life to be open to him. He realises his mistake in back-flipping on §18C, and that’s about it where it counts. The rest is rather inconsequential and demonstrates he has a lot to learn, but it is doubtful he will do so on his own; only a truly right-wing movement will teach him new tricks.

This is still too much of the perception encroaching on reality for the left. In a piece that oozes mental illness Eleanor Robertson childishly taunts that no one liked Abbott, not even his ideological bedfellows. Tone misunderstood whom he should be apologising to and why, Robertson writes:

Not once in the essay does he engage in reflective reasoning about his own beliefs. Not once does he meaningfully engage with divergent opinions. Not once does he give any ground to his substantive ideological critics, not even so he can re-take it in the next sentence, not even in an attempt to soften himself. He comes across as arbitrary, humourless and combative, offering no tears, crocodile or otherwise, to the populations most affected by his tough choices – refugees, Indigenous people, queers, women, the poor.

There we have it, all honest reflection from the right has to lead to leftist positions. The solipsism and inability to engage the right is on full display here. The two following paragraphs in the piece have to be read to be believed; and yes, she does wear problem glasses.

Appeasing the left at the expense of one’s base is a fool’s errand, and fools they are in the mainstream right. The possibility of a divergence in opinion is enough to send the left into an apoplectic fit. If you are to be punished by the left, you may as well commit the crime, it’s more fun that way too.

Australian politics being what it is, Alt-Right critics of Abbott were right to be sceptical from the start. In our situation only a combination of external forces and a native dissident right-wing can affect any changes. Trump is one of those changes. However, it is too early for his influence to be felt here. Case in point, the budget being the key election issue for the Turnbull government.

We may have to go through several years of Labor mismanagement for there to be call for this change and a Turnbull victory will only entrench Turnbullism as the future of the Liberal Party. Even on a worse is better model, ascendant Turnbullism is not a good position to be in as it will equate to sound money for ‘new Australians’. System collapse this is not.

Trump doesn’t have to do anything in office and he will be fondly memorialised in the various North American ethnostates of the future. Not to mention the rest of the White world. All he has to do is not pull an Abbott. Do nothing or go for broke, not anything in between or actively work for the left. In doing nothing Trump still will have shifted the Overton Window, and in sticking to his election promises, unlike Abbott, he will be doing the gods’ work.

In keeping with the realism — or cynicism — of the dissident right, Trump as POTUS is not the end goal. His message is not an invitation for closing up shop, but a call to redouble our efforts in securing the existence of our people and a future for White children. We may actually have a shot at this now.