Happy Easter everyone! It's Good Friday and it feels like I should be doing some thematically apposite Easter posting, but there's this one little tidbit of news from the other day that I can't help sharing.

Just let me get out my shoehorn.

Now, it says here that Jesus was a black, aboriginal refugee, or something. Ok, so in the same spirit of inclusivity, maybe he can also be a Brisbane girl who recently got assaulted for daring to jog through her local park?


KIMBERLY Smith was jogging through her local park in Brisbane when she was savagely beaten by two women.

Now she has described her attack, which left her with a fractured cheekbone, how it took place and how she believes racial tension in her community may be to blame.

“Think your (sic) safe to go for a run around your neighbourhood..... apparently not,” she posted of Facebook along with pictures of her bruised and bloodied face following the altercation over the weekend.

Ms Smith described how she was running through a park in the suburb of Redbank Plains, in Brisbane’s southwest, when she was approached by two women — who she claims were of African descent.

The Queenslander claims that they were yelling abuse at her as she ran, so she decided to ask them what the issue was.

"Sorry, what's that? Just let me open this window so we can both relax and have a proper chat."

“When I’m running, I generally keep to myself and I wouldn’t have taken notice. But out of the corner of my eye I saw them coming closer and closer,” she told news.com.au.

“They kept shouting at me, so I just asked them what their problem was. I didn’t hear them because I had earphones in.

“Then I just felt this pain and I vaguely remember being knocked to the floor. The next thing I remember is picking myself up off the ground and trying to find help.”

She believes the women punched her once in the head — but says she lost consciousness so she can’t be sure.

Shaken up by the assault, Ms Smith managed to flag down a passing car and collapsed on a median strip before she was rushed to hospital.

She told news.com.au she believes the attack was racially motivated.

“I don’t want this turning into a racist thing, and I know people who are Sudanese and they are great people, there is just a small minority of teenagers causing trouble and it has been getting worse over the years,” she said.

“I just want to bring whoever did this to justice.”

Her family told 9 NEWS that the incident comes as tensions in the local community have heightened, resulting in some parks becoming “no-go zones”.

“It’s just the odd group of large African, Sudanese children who are causing havoc,” Ms Smith told the station. “I have nothing against African, Sudanese (people), but that’s how I’m going to take it.”

It's not their race, just their distinctive physical characteristics and the way they reach physical maturity at at earlier age to us, and their women act like aggressive males due to higher testosterone levels...

Despite the attack, local councillor Sheila Ireland told 9 NEWS that there isn’t an African migrant crime problem in Redbank Plains and that no issues have been raised with her or at community meetings.

Well, the leader of her party has denied that Melbourne has a black gang problem, so...

So Kimberly got an early Easter surprise. Her jog through the park turned into a Passion play, with her in the starring role, when she was attacked by a pair of chocolate jungle bunnies.

The local politician says it's no problem and the locals just accept that they now have to stay clear of no-go zones in their own city, now colonised with savages who have nothing better to do than hang around in parks looking for trouble.

Now let's hear from a couple of different representatives of the Sudanese community. Maybe one who says "We're worried about our kids too—they're just bored. Maybe you could give them some new community centres to play with?" and another who comes out with, "How dare you suggest we have a problem? This country's racist and we're going to deport you if you don't stop vilifying us, so there!"

"Mr Endrews gib us dis jacket fo our importan wuk."

Of course, the real tragedy will be if someone says mean words to or about Africans because of this one, totally isolated and unpredictable event.