From the glossy pages of Good Weekend to office water cooler conversations, coffee and exotic food now takes a pride of place in Australian culture that would have seemed out of place to the Nescafe Blend 43 and Mrs Mac's pie snobs of your grandparents' generation.

The world music really tops it off

The middle-class preoccupation with exotic food and drink serves to distinguish it from its less cosmopolitan blue-collar counterpart in the world's most successful multicultural society™. Consuming, gushing about and sharing pictures on social media of foreign food is the dominant display of social cachet in our late capitalist society.

There are several components to this status-signal. The most obvious one is to let everyone know that you approve of mass-immigration and multiculturalism. The second is to show that you are wealthy enough to not have to endure the less pleasant aspects of mass immigration such as crime, congestion, overdevelopment, and general ugliness and loss of amenity. The third is a way of demonstrating an appreciation of the finer things in life, as well as a faux humility that you are not so weighed down by life that you cannot spare the energy to enjoy and muse upon life's simple pleasures. Enamourment with triviality goes hand-in-hand with the infantilisation of culture and is a reliable indicator of civilisational decadence.

The irony that foreign cuisines are promoted as both quintessentially Australian and exotic at the same time appears to be lost on the inner-city liberal elites. It is low-paid foreign visa labour that slaves away in often illegal conditions to serve up the spicy culinary delights so treasured by the everyman-rootless-cosmopolitan. Young people are inducted into this restaurant and fast-food culture which by definition entails the destruction of their own culture and family life. Eating greasy take-away, which is usually expensive, both inhibits the development of one's own ability to carry on the simple traditions of home and hospitality, and lends itself to a pleasure-oriented consumer lifestyle.

As the famous Rowan Atkinson skit suggests, the reduction of a foreign people to a greasy, spicy dish does not on its own present a very powerful argument for their presence. The use of the word 'culture' to describe them is a rhetorical way of obscuring the only way in which foreign 'cultures' are regularly engaged, which is by eating take-away food. Middle-class progressive types tend to know very little about the more significant aspects of these cultures, nor do they truly respect them. If they truly did hold foreign culture in high esteem, they would not want the true source of culture, being the singular grouping of its population, to be cut off from its people.

Rendang9This is what we sold our country for

As the below image suggests, what we see when we think of foreign cultures are the harmless, outward aspects which are novel and exciting to the outsider. SBS, the propaganda arm for multicultural Australia, uses this novelty to disarm objections to the ethnic replacement of Anglo-Australians as provincial, bigoted and lower-class.

The other side of the xenophilia inherent to multiculturalism is the disdain towards one's own people and culture. The narrative of guilt for crimes of the past, combines with a an ignorant scornfulness towards British and British colonial cultures, referred to as "white bread" to conjure a sense in the public's imagination that not only is there little of any value to be lost, bar liberal attitudes and policies towards migrants, but that we must redeem ourselves by inviting our own replacement.


The false assumption underlying mass-immigration is the ability of our much-vaunted democratic institutions to cope with powerful ethnic lobbies that threaten their viability. The deeper aspects of culture and plain-old ethnic loyalty of non-Europeans remain stubbornly resistant to conversion to post-Christian secular humanism and the political community that underpins it. The paradox of tolerance is never addressed, the civilisational nature of foreign peoples and religions is ignored and the state expands its powers to crush both extreme expressions of alien political activity and native resistance to it.

Multiculturalism and mass-immigration are policies wholly endorsed by all major parties in Australia. Ethnic voting-blocs form to create swing seats in every federal election, extracting funding, concessions and favours to various ethnic lobbies in return for their votes. Thus the political power of these groups far exceeds their proportion of the population. There is no prize for guessing how they expect their representatives to vote on immigration, free speech or attempts at civic and cultural assimilation.

How good's the food has become a meme already. Mock the foodie wherever you find him. We have the recipies.