We get a lot of questions from listeners and friends about how to deal with ‘normies’ when issues of politics become part of a conversation. The idea behind this guide is to help a young Dingo balance conflict minimization and maintaining reputational integrity with proselytizing and adding credibility to our ideas. I will go through a few different scenarios that you’re likely to encounter below.

power level

Family functions

In all likelihood, there will be members of your family who hold ABC’s views on immigration, Donald Trump and feminism. The general rule is that amused detachment is the easiest and safest route to take when there is a mixed audience. Often the hysterical female ranting about refugees will do more to undermine her own case than all of your carefully reasoned and factual arguments. If that is the case, let her do the work, and if you must engage, then never do more than ask some leading questions with a feigned fascination, dropping the word ‘interesting’. I wouldn’t do anything more than patronise in a group setting.

Where you can fash out, if you think that the males in your family are receptive and reasonable, and if they’re already talking politics (remember, you never raise or escalate political discussion), is if you have managed to isolate them, such as around the barbeque. Appealing to vanity, such with lines such as ‘some people believe everything they’re told by the ABC’ (implying they are not such a person), ‘I don’t expect you're the type buy into gender-bending and rainbows' are more gentle openers that might provoke a simple conservative talking point that can get someone thinking about the manipulative and totalitarian nature of the left.

It’s important that you do less talking and more listening whenever you are trying to influence others. As a Dingo, you have a lot of knowledge about how the left really works and what is happening to Western countries around the world. It is foolish to assume you can force this down someone’s throat and have them simply agree with you. Most people don’t want to think heretical thoughts. Most just want to get on with their lives and not have to deal with ‘fuss’, especially Aussies. If your ideas come only to be associated with social costs and low status, family-infighting and being mean-spirited then you will have failed in your mission of influencing others, even if your ideas were the right ones.

I generally believe that it is not worth creating family conflict over political issues. Your family is there to love and support you, and if you end up alienating family and causing distress, you will have done the left’s work for them. We don’t need to convince everyone of our ideas to become successful. Especially not in person. Chances are your progressive female family member got her ideas from listening to Triple J or Radio National. These institutions are an authority in society. You are not. You’re not going to be able to undo decades of brainwashing at a Christmas lunch, and those extra three beers aren’t going to make you as compelling as you might feel.

The Workplace

This is where the left will try and take you down. While your family may forgive you, write off your opinions as ‘youthful exuberance’ or the effect of alcohol, your employer is under no such obligation. There are countless cases of right-wingers being sacked for harmless comments, jokes or even what seemed at the time to be animated discussion. Since there are so many other fora available to discuss politics, there is no good reason to give a libtard the power over you to get you fired.

Having said that, some of us work in teams with males only, and you may develop close relationships with your colleagues. You may feel as though you are able to safely make fashy or ironic references in a jocular fashion and come to no harm. If that’s the case, then make sure you limit it to the spoken word in person (never have anything written down or recorded that could be construed as offensive).

Normie friends

The same kind of rules apply here to family situations. The difference being that while you do not choose your family, you do choose your friends. If your values have changed substantially, and you still have friends who vehemently leftist and correspondingly degenerate, you should ask yourself whether they are exerting a positive or negative influence on you and how you spend your time.

Usually, it will be the females in the group that will spout leftist talking points, and the way I deal with it is detachment. Not because I don’t think I could win an argument – it’s that I don’t want to win an argument against the girlfriend of a close friend, causing him to lose face and have to deal with her holding a grudge and poisoning our friendship. I haven’t personally mixed fashy and non-fashy friends, and I’d be interested to hear how this has worked for others.


The great challenge for most of us is the feeing that we must live double lives, that we don’t get to ‘be ourselves’ and that we lack authenticity. While people like Tom Tilley are paid taxpayer-funded salaries to smugly advocate for the flooding of our country with the detritus of the global south, enjoying high social status for doing so, the Dingo who truly cares about his nation and his people runs the risk of being sacked and socially isolated for voicing his concerns and speaking the truth about the path we’re on.

As you grow in your ability to persuade and influence, it will be important that you convert others to our way of thinking. As with anything, you will need to use your own judgement to select the right time, place and person. The priority for most of us will be to first, do no harm.

The good news is that are many others just like you, and the easiest way to deal with the cognitive dissonance of being right-wing in a left-wing society is to connect with fellow travellers online, in-person and via alternative media. Since we believe ourselves to be part of something greater, and are willing to make sacrifices to achieve our ends, it’s crucial that we can hold important positions in society where we can influence others and make our ideas credible by association with our personal success.

That means being able to manage your power level and thinking of yourself as an infiltrator or insurgent, rather than the guy who knows the truth and tries to tell everyone he can about it. Not everyone is ready or capable, and that’s ok. Discovering your unique skill or strength and developing that, and developing yourself into a better person should be enough to keep you busy for the battles that lie ahead.