As the Win Your Weight In Beer competition is about to enter the voting phase of its second year, we are pleased to announce a new #DingoTwitter competition commencing in 2019 under the hashtag #freaksofthedrum.

As the next most-watched ABC muppet-circus by #DingoTwitter devotees and fake-news tragics alike, The Drum is a goldmine of all manner of curiously-attired dysgenic creatures, moderated by an ageing bottle-blonde, privileged white woman tag-team of Julia Baird and Ellen Fanning.

To get your juices flowing, here are is a small collection of some of the #freaksofthedrum captured in recent weeks. Please @ your twitter screenshots to @thedingoes and include the hashtag #freaksofthedrum in your tweet. If you are a boomer and need to take photos of the creatures live from your TV set, email them to thedingoes(at)

The winner will be announced in December 2019. Beyond a hunter's prize of bagging the meanest, most grotesque bounty, a prize, yet to be determined, will be award to the winner who captures the most hideous and fascinating sub-human and is first to submit it.

Happy hunting Dingoes!

The team at