PSA: Female genital mutilation is cruel and gross—and, moreover, peoples who practice it can accurately be described in the same way. Now the question should be, do we want such people running around in our country? What else might they get up to?


Khadijba thought of her child as a miracle baby, but at the age of 26, her pregnancy was classified as 'high risk'.

The FGM she experienced as a child in Gambia — an unsterile home job performed with a rusty knife on the floor of a hut — has left her with scarring complications, chronic pain and stress.


"The lack of training medical professionals have [in FGM] means they're endangering women like myself," Khadija says.

Being an outsider to a 'clitero-centric' culture was a decision made for Khadija Gbla.

Wait a minute, ABC, whom are you quoting there? You would be aware that there exists a convention whereby white people, and especially white men, are by means of that suffix held responsible for the problems of all other groups. The formula is that you tack it onto roots that signify white and\or male identity: eurocentric, androcentric, etc., implying, for example, that it's wrong to teach kids in school about their own ancestors' achievements, because by doing so we exclude the histories of "marginalised" groups.

So are you saying that it's another form of inherently blameworthy "-centric" thinking to uphold intact female genitalia as a biological and social norm?

And the implications of this would be...?

Dear White Saviour....

More than 200,000 women in Australia are estimated to have experienced FGM or be at high risk, but training and awareness surrounding the issue is not currently included in Australian medical curricula.


Khadija says a growing, yet unknown, number of children and young women are at risk of endangerment because of it. She is now determined to change the system, so other FGM survivors don't have the same experiences she did.

So brave!

"If I had not disclosed that I've had FGM, I would have gone through my antenatal appointments and gone to have my baby, started pushing, and the baby would have got stuck with nobody knowing why," she explains.

Jesus, they must have made a real mess of you! But come to think of it, how does your kind reproduce back in the jungle or the desert, or wherever? You don't seem to be having too much difficulty:

It was only after changing clinics twice that Khadija found a doctor with previous FGM patient experience.

So insensitive. So phallogo-clitero-centric.

He performed the inspection and agreed a caesarean was best practise.

"Finally somebody was listening to me and taking me seriously. It's amazing how people take your voice away," she says.

So if I understand correctly, you are saying that you would have died or had severe problems giving birth in your home country. It is only because we clitoro-centric Europeans rescued you twice: once by allowing you and your barbarous kind to live among us, and twice by providing you with subsidised, culturally tailored medical care—that you have even been able to survive childbirth.

Yet still the white oppressor tries to take your soulful black voice away?

You know where that wouldn't happen?

When she was nine, her mum had taken her to a stranger's hut in rural Gambia. Khadia's clitoris and labia majora were cut off.


Khadija and the AMA agree the best way to repair the gap in treatment expertise is to make FGM training — both medical and cultural — mandatory across Australian medical curricula.

AMA federal president Dr Michel Gannon says change is slow, but on the way.

"The reality is that there are a great number of women who have migrated to Australia from the Horn of Africa and other parts of the world where it's practised," he says.

"It's a much more common issue in our major cities that accept the majority of migrant intakes.

Well better keep 'em coming then! We've got 100 million more to save! It'd be heartless not to bring every single one of them here to maximise her chances of conceiving with the help of state-of-the-art fertility treatments, and then repeat ad infinitum.

"We need to make changes to ensure that we give proper care to women like me"

says Khadji-Hadji.

Look, I'm sorry you were born into a shitty vag-slicing culture. But here's a better idea. Why don't you go back to where you came from and work to change that culture at its source? Because if we keep on taking you people in, I would think that you'll still be charging $5,000-$8,500 for speeches until you're ready to retire. And I'm sure you wouldn't want that.

Dr Gannon points out that the procedure "has no place in modern Australian society".

Well, not among Australians. But that's not what you meant, is it?