This week on The Darwin Digest Soap Merchant, Lawrence Drake and Cathy Princess discuss epigenetics; what it is and what it means.

Show Notes
  • 0.00.00 Introduction to epigenetics
  • 0.06.11 Early epigenetic research and its history
  • 0.10.00 lifelong (and beyond) effects of environment on genetics
  • 0.14.55 Differences between human and bacterial epigenetics and why bacterial epigenetics are important
  • 0.19.22 Phase Variation and a few examples
  • 0.27.52 Bacteria causing methylation of OUR DNA 1
  • 0.32.48 Nutrition and environmental effects on genetic variation and DNA methylation
  • 0.42.07 How changes in our ability to sequence DNA have increased our understanding of genetics and where we go from here.
  • 0.51.03 Schizophrenia and epigenetics.1 2
  • 0.57.25 Epigenetics and the left 1
  • 1.06.02 Epigenetic pseudoscience
  • 1.21.21 Porphyromonas gingivalis was the bacteria seemingly able to reactivate some viral infections
  • 1.22.05 Raymond Walters 1

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