The broad and fragmented array of thinkers, writers and commenters that make up the New Right frequently clash heads. Whether over questions of religion, historical revisionism, Russia, the chosen people, early 20th century German fashion or how best to organise the renewal of Europe, there is rarely a dull moment. When not dominated by personality and ego, these conflicts promote further discussion and re-examination of our positions. They help to clear out the deadwood from the in-group, clarify orthodoxy and encourage self-education.

Whilst highly influential in the earlier days of the Alternative Right, mostly within the Paleocon/Libertarian defection from the mainstream, NeoReaction, known frequently by the shorthand NRx, is an intellectual movement consisting of a critique of democracy, egalitarianism and what it calls "the Whig view of history". Deliberately elitist and self-consciously pretentious, NRx emphasises the role of hierarchy for functional human organisation, and lauds the fruits of advanced civilisation in the form of high culture and technology as humanity's primary raison d'etre.

To be fair, there is a lot of great analysis and writing in the NRx sphere. But as in any project, when your overarching aim is wrong at the start, you are bound to miss the target.

Social Matter, the main NRx blog's byline reads "civilisation is the only morality". No-one really talks much about "Neoreactionaries" anymore, and their self-ghettoising rhetorical and practical strategy (pedantic verbiosity and "exit") make any thorough refutation unnecessary. That is, until I came across this piece at the website of our fellow Australian travellers,

The first half of the piece, whilst a bit on the snarky side, covers a series of "red-pill" truths about equality, constitutionalism, biological race, IQ and critical theory. This is the kind of person who should no longer be afraid of association with racially-aware and confident Europeans who are organising in their own interests. The most important jumble of his well meaning but confused screed is below:

Far more important than the genetic profile we have inherited from our ancestors in the past are the beliefs which we choose to hold today. These create our future. Genetics is not destiny; character is, and character is formed through the values, beliefs and moral standards for action by which we choose to live our lives. This is the true basis for identity, and the foundation for community. When I think about what I love about the people I belong to, this is what I think of.

It is for this reason that I’m not a racist – I’m a civilisationist. I got that term from Vox Day, and I’m going to keep it. I love Western civilisation. I love the Christian morality which was so powerful and novel that it spread across the world and transformed every place it went. I love the philosophical tradition of inquiry and the liberty that comes from putting truth above power. I am awed at the courage that the Western way of life demanded from the men and women who built the West, at least until recently. We do not always live up to these ideals, and leftists use the pathological altruism of Western culture against us constantly, but I believe those ideals are the best expression of human aspiration on the planet. I can admire the refinement of a Japanese tea ceremony, revel in the vibrancy of Malaysian hawker food and be delighted by an African dancing church, but they’re not my people. I’m a Westerner.

There we are. He has already said more than enough to have him cast out as racist, sexist and morally bankrupt in polite society, if the fact that he's obviously a white male isn't enough on its own. Yet, he still refuses to identify fully with his people who created his beloved civilisation and makes no affirmation of their own role fighting for survival in a global environment of hostility and demographic swamping.

Our friend claims that science and empirical evidence is the primary informant of his worldview, yet does not offer any proof for his lazy assertions that "choosing to hold beliefs" and "character" together form an all-powerful force that will render meaningless the human development that in the words of Nicholas Wade, has been recent, copious and regional. To be clear, the social and spiritual renewal of our people is paramount to our success in surmounting the obstacles ahead of us. But this alone will not be enough.

Self-sabotaging by referring to those of us who refuse to relinquish our shared biological heritage as "racists" will not endear you to our enemies. Race, and most importantly, the continued existence and dominance of European-descended peoples is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the Western Civilisation that our friend claims to be on the side of.

But even this is not the point. Our value is not determined by the works of Botticelli or Michelangelo or the scientific discoveries of Newton or Copernicus. These are the flowers of a thriving ecosystem - not to be divorced from the people who set the stage for their accomplishment. A technocratic elite consisting of the "talented tenth" of every nation in some market-driven model of "Formalism" would never be "Western", and somehow seems to reflect what the current global elites are moving towards for themselves in any event.

The vast majority of the global population, hailing from the global south, is completely and utterly unwilling and unable to conform to the voluntary pro-social "values" that enable high-trust societies and human flourishing which are found (with few exceptions) wherever there are Europeans living in sufficient numbers.

Once again, the case against "civilisationalism" needn't be only practical. It is first and foremost natural. Promoting our collective interests represents the fulfillment of our biological imperative. Not just so that we can continue to survive, but so that there will still be a world to live in. Global predictions of overpopulation, environmental destruction and resource depletion at the hands of multinationals and the burgeoning non-white population are a sign of what is to come if we do not act to stop these events from unfolding.

The neo-primitivism to be found in some quarters of the more "Nietzchean" expressions of the New Right may not provide a realistic mass-solution for the challenges we face, but self-overcoming in the form of self-education, physical training and a commitment to one's tribe or close network of people seems to me a far more compelling strategy than a waffly allegience to Westminster Abbey and Big Ben.

From further along in the piece:

Beliefs are more important than genetics in determining identity and creating meaningful human groups. Basing one’s identity on race only goes so far in binding people together. Most leftists in Australia are white. Are they my brothers and sisters? Not at all, they are my foes. They are bound together by a common enterprise of destroying Western civilisation. That gives them their motivation. They are the white ants, the barbarians inside the gates.

Writing off every well-meaning but brainwashed "basic bitch" liberal as an enemy is again, short sighted and ultimately self-destructive. We all have family or extended family members who hold liberal views as they have been induced to do. Whilst traitors in power may have to answer for their crimes, it would be foolish to deliberately sever these relationships and write off most ordinary people on the basis that they do not share your political views.

I’ve met brown, yellow, black and white Westerners, and although race is real it’s not what determines who we become. That’s why I’m not a racist.

I've encountered many deracinated bourgeois Indians, Chinese and Africans who share refined tastes in art, food and literature. These are however, merely the trappings of civilisation, not its fabric. Anyone who has changed their mind should know that a list of beliefs rattled off in a blog post themselves cannot constitute anything more than a shallow sense of identity - in this case, what appears to be a merchant's disdain for the lower classes.

Our revolt can and should take many forms. One of them is a thorough acquaintance with one's patrimony and indeed the values that inspired them. But let's not put the cart before the horse. We will not betray ourselves and we cannot afford to take prisoners