Peter Dutton has revealed himself to be a true, pure-blooded dingo with his latest comments on South Africa.

This comes as a pleasant surprise after his recent counter-signalling of Tony Abbott on immigration. But maybe he wasn't just being a Turnbull-toady then; maybe he was gearing up for his forthcoming announcement of real, specific actions and numbers on the South African issue.

Because it's time that Dutton and the rest of us Dingoes became the real pro-refugee movement in this country.

Displaced Boer children in a squatter camp.

So bravo, Minister. How many are we taking? When? Do you have the support of your leader and your party? It certainly won't be a hard sell to any part of the electorate that would vote for you in a million years. Let Labor and the Greens explain how getting necklaced is really a form of white privilege if they want.

Nothing could be more important right now than this issue.

Quantifying Genocide

AfriForum, the body that represents white South African farmers, states that the murder rate for farmers is currently at 156 per 100,000. To put this in perspective Australia has a murder rate of less than one per 100,000.

That's just the murders, and it's just the farmers. It doesn't include whites living anywhere else, or the people who've taken bullets, been set on fire, raped and otherwise tortured without actually being killed.

AfriForum's figure is higher than official estimates, which are notoriously incomplete and unreliable. Would you trust the police to maintain self-incriminating statistics out of sheer integrity when their last two police chiefs have been fired for corruption, the most recent one by a former President who is himself facing corruption charges?

Actually, the real figure is probably even higher than the farmers' conservative estimate. This obvious fact didn't stop Soros-funded NGO Africa Check (if they can be called an NGO while also taking money from an SA Government-funded university!) trying to pick holes in the statistic, with grimly hilarious results.

Addressing an earlier estimate of murder rates which they say used the same "flawed methodology" as AfriForum, Africa Check states:

Previously, [Johan Burger of the Institute for Security Studies] used Statistics South Africa’s 2007 census of commercial agriculture’s estimate of 32,375 full-time farmers to indicate the murder rate of farmers.

This was how he calculated that there were 133 farm murders per 100,000 farmers, using the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa’s estimate of 39 farmers murdered in 2012. Chris van Zyl, the union’s assistant general, told Africa Check that the recorded murders included farmers on non-commercial farms and agricultural smallholdings. Burger excluded family members, workers and visitors from the calculation.

However, the 2007 figure of 32,375 full-time farmers is not appropriate to use, as the survey was only conducted on commercial farms registered to pay value-added tax (VAT).

Farmers on small holdings, non-commercial farms or farms with a turnover of less than R300,000 at the time were not recorded in the census.

In other words poorer farmers, less isolated from their machete-wielding black neighbours and less likely to be protected by advanced security systems, were left out of the tally.

Bear in mind, again, that this is from a leftist organisation doing it's ham-fisted best to discredit the facts on white genocide in South Africa.

It gets worse.

Statistics South Africa estimated that 2.3 million households were involved in agriculture based on its 2016 community survey, the agency’s chief director of structural industry surveys, Itani Magwaba, told Africa Check. This included subsistence, smallholding and commercial agriculture.

The number of people estimated to live in households involved in agriculture comes in at just over 11 million. However, this figure does not include people who work on a farm but live elsewhere nor those visiting farms.

If this figure is used, the farm murder rate drops to 0.4 murders per 100,000 people who live on agricultural farms and smallholdings in South Africa.

So you be sayin' that white farmers in South Africa are actually safer where they are than they would be in Australia?

Hmmm...Checks out.

What's more, these figures say nothing about race, only habitation. We know that whites, from being a majority in the mid-20th Century, have now dropped to a minority of about 9%. (See graphic further down.)

35% of the population lives in rural areas, so even if all the whites lived on farms (and someone has to keep the urban infrastructure from collapsing, too), they would be heavily outnumbered by blacks in the population referred to. And if it's true that whites are being disproportionately targeted on farms, well, the more blacks introduced to the equation, the lower the resulting homicide rate would be, no?

So is AfricaCheck saying that the murder rate among, ahem, tax-payers with an annual income of more than AUD32,000 (equivalent) is astronomically higher than among the general rural population of marauding negroes?

And there's this:

“It is likely that many of the figures for farm attacks and murders on farms collected by organised agriculture, or the police for that matter, would not contain all the attacks or murders of non-farmers,” [Gareth Newham, head of the crime and justice programme at the Institute for Security Studies] told Africa Check.

So in other words, family members of farmers would not be included.

"Kill the farmer, kill the boer."—Jacob Zuma, former President of South Africa.

"We are cutting the throat of whiteness."—Julius Malema, Leader, Economic Freedom Fighters Party.

"Genocide is a form of one-sided mass killing in which a state or other authority intends to destroy a group, as that group and membership in it are defined by the perpetrator."—Frank Chalk, Kurt Jonassohn The History and Sociology of Genocide: Analyses and Case Studies, Yale University Press, 1990.

Some Perspective

Even if it were not true that White South Africans are being disproportionately targeted, we would still have ample reason to single them out for assistance over the rest of the hapless population there.

White South Africans created a civilisation whose rotten corpse is still attracting migrants from all over Africa. Blacks come south to benefit from living standards made possible by Europeans, and which have collapsed under black rule to the point where a corrupt Government is currently promising to hand productive farmland over to non-farmers, purely on the basis of supposed historical grievance, as a way of distracting the electorate from its inability to maintain the water supply.

Those who argue that blacks are equally or more victimised than whites are missing the point, which is that the criminals, like the politicians who pander to them, are black. How they live among themselves is up to them, their culture and their biology. They have no right to inflict this on another group.

And South Africa is much more violent than many other countries from which we do take refugees. Even African nations supplying us with our own negro problem, such as Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia come nowhere close.

This is no time to engage in history wars over who reached the Cape, who crossed the Limpopo first, or what happened to the Bushmen. Suffice it to say that there is probably nowhere on the Earth's surface between about 75° North and South that hasn't been fought over by warring nations throughout history.

Australians were instrumental in ending the system that enabled blacks and whites to live in relative peace in South Africa. Thus it is only right that we step forward to right this very real and recent wrong committed by leaders acting on our behalf.

Peter Dutton is right. We must #BringThemHere.