If you have somehow found yourself here and are reading this, you can probably consider yourself an independent thinker. You don’t believe politicians are really ‘doing their best’. You probably don’t bother following domestic politics in any detail because it’s not only boring, it’s irrelevant to your life. There’s no-one to represent you. You know the system isn’t broken, it’s fixed. And you know firsthand the legacy we are inheriting – of shrinking career opportunities, unaffordable housing, ethnic tensions and fiscal austerity.

A country that has been the envy of the world for decades can no longer boast a strong and stable economy. Rent-seeking fat cats and make-work bureaucrats rip you off and buy the votes of their unassimilable and welfare-dependent ‘new Australians’.

Negative gearing and a cartelised banking industry have created a generation of speculators that have won the 'land lottery' of RBA-led low-interest rates and excess liquidity. It’s you who are asked to fund the largesse of this elaborate fraud, by signing up for thirty years of servitude for your $500,000 mortgage on a two-bedroom apartment built in the 1970’s. The ‘10% per year’ property gains are drying up and can’t be relied upon to provide a stable source of wealth. Even on a good income of $100,000 per year a young family can’t afford to buy a house in most capital cities.

Jobs that were once done by Australians have been replaced by a foreign servant class whilst universities sell ever greater proportions of our university places to cashed-up foreign students, not only depriving young Australians of educational opportunities, but crowding out competition for graduate positions.

Our cities are sagging under unsustainable population levels that put pressure on our infrastructure, making our roads and public transport a nightmare for everyone. Air pollution and environmental degradation continue despite the millions spent on ‘environmental initiatives’.

Meanwhile you are told by media commentators and educators that ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ are the two biggest issues facing this country. They wag their fingers, smugly proclaiming that the backwardness and suffering of minorities are uniquely products of our insufficient kindness towards them, or worse, a deep-seated and innate hatred that is mislabelled as ‘xenophobia’.

Shuffling along and pretending that you’ll be left alone as long as you don’t say the wrong thing won’t work for much longer. Affirmative action and diversity hire is coming to your workplace. You will likely not qualify as sufficiently deficient to warrant an automatic place in your organisation.

Everything you say and do that falls outside the dictates of the self-appointed politically correct chattering classes will have you labelled as a bigot, in need of re-education and repentance. Don't want Australia to become China 2.0? You're a racist. You'd prefer to have your wife stay at home with the kids? You're a sexist. Don't enthusiastically support the Mardi-Gras? Homophobe, or perhaps homosexual.

Young Australians are faced with a crisis, and the very future of our families and nation depend upon it. Will you hide behind bourgeois lifestyle comforts like luxurious food and alcohol, disappear into electronic distractions and hope that one day things will improve? Will you try and curry favour with those around you by parroting the right opinions at the right time, re-iterating and speeding up your own dispossession for a few crumbs from the victim table?

Or will you instead calmly and firmly reject what they’re selling you, and choose a different future?

An end to the moral grandstanding of our elites and the browbeating of our people and our culture.

A positive affirmation that we are an extended family of European-descended people with legitimate interests and a common destiny.

A fair economic system that rewards hard-work, innovation and thrift rather than vested interests and crony corporatism.

A real identity, that is not manufactured by the latest corporate marketing campaign or American television, but is authentic, local and true to who we are as heirs of a great legacy.

Our leaders would have us think that the future is decided for us already. It isn’t.

Will you be a part of it?