Tell the cabana boys to ready the palanquin and make like Milo because the Alternative Right has done its dash. The unthinkable has happened and Hillary is poised to make a speech killing two birds with one stone in Nevada this Thursday: Trump’s campaign by way of guilt by association with the Alt Right and the moderates that comprise the Alt Right through overexposure in the mainstream. Only National Bolshevism can save the White race from here on out.

Recently “hardliners” have been advancing some variant of the following argument:

  1. At some point the Alt Right began to promulgate memes, which brought in a significant number of people immersed in internet culture.
  • The evangelised became the evangelisers and spread a more broadly appealing version of our ideas.
  • As they are the public face of the Alt Right they are in effect the Alt Right.
  • The Alt Right is now a meme.

The implication of the conclusion is that we are a joke, an irrelevancy, and are in terminal decline. The Alt Right could have revived fascism but chose to be a pasty pimply adolescent in a knock off MAGA cap masturbating to anime from his parents' basement instead.

The biggest problem for this argument is its third premise.

First, there is a suppressed premise, or being less pedantic, a looseness with terms regarding the definition of the Alt Right. Those promoting a particular ideology conflate the Milo Yiannopolous-Gavin McInnes-Twitter troll axis with the intellectual core of the Alt Right and there are others more honest in this critique who see the Alt Right as an umbrella that has been contracting and simplifying over time to a form of White Nationalism, such as Millennial Woes. This is partial.

This confusion is comprehensible when you consider that the term “Alternative Right” is equivocal. When used as a handy label for all those disparate non-left forces outside the mainstream conservative tent, other terms such as the dissident right and the sidestream right are interchangeable. Perhaps it’s best to use “alternative right” in lowercase in this instance like how fascism refers to all generic expressions of that phenomena and Fascism to the originator in Italy.

The Alternative Right as a concrete political doctrine goes back to the website of the same name launched in 2010 by Richard Spencer. Itself the next logical step from his editorship of the paleoconservative webzine Taki’s Mag. During that time certain paleocons were becoming more racially conscious and increasingly their analysis came to resemble that of the intellectual wing of White Nationalism over at The Occidental Quarterly under Greg Johnson’s stewardship and later Counter Currents. The only difference being Austrian economics was favoured by the Alt Right in its infancy, which is no longer the case. Both streams have now merged.

Certain traditions and figures have been synthesised. Anglo-American traditionalist conservatism (Edmund Burke, Russell Kirk, Richard M. Weaver, Roger Scruton), European reactionaries and counter-revolutionaries (Joseph de Maistre, Louis de Bonald, Juan Donoso Cortés), the European New Right (Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye, Tomislav Sunic), the interwar Conservative Revolution (Carl Schmitt, Ernst Jünger, Oswald Spengler), Radical Traditionalism (Julius Evola, René Guénon) and the Western philosophical tradition in particular Plato, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger are all part of this coherent whole. There is a remarkable weight and history to the ideas entertained by Alt Right thinkers, and thus ends the lazy name dropping section of this piece.

By definition anything not cognisant of this institutional memory is not the Alternative Right. Those that adopt the term out of convenience do not displace the core, nor do their watered down appropriations mutate it into something entirely different. Political labels are not inherently magical or killing words that have to be mentioned at the specified time and failing that we have to conduct a cleansing ritual warding off the homodaemons unleashed. Such thinking is indicative of a cult-like mentality and evidence of a lack of political nous.

Hardliners despise the outer memesphere for ideas that they mistake as being fair dinkum. A joke starting on image boards that transsexuals would make the best traditional wife, or Trad Wife, knowing what men want is taken as a policy to be implemented in a Johnsonian ethnostate or Spensonian Imperium — which are distinct regimes as one vetoes the other. Regardless of the fact that not once has Richard Spencer or Greg Johnson, or any of their writers advocated such a plan.

It doesn’t help this case when Spencer has invited Tila Tequila to the next NPI conference, but it is all rather tongue in cheek and not an implicit call for miscegenation creating a generation of supreme gentlemen.

The best counter-example to the third premise is the brief history of neoreaction or NRx for short, arguably the second most important tendency in the lowercase alternative right.

Owing its existence to a single blogger, Curtis Yarvin, or Mencius Moldbug it began as libertarianism wrapped in medieval garb and was not heir to Rightist thought in the way the Alternative Right is instead being a priori armchair philosophy. Subsequent developments by Yarvin’s disciples have rendered its present state unrecognisable to its original one, with a heavy ethnonationalist bent in some cases.

Matt Parrott has identified its latest incarnation, or what some call the Dark Enlightenment, as the New Right Lite™. Ideas about population differences are entertained but their implications vis-à-vis ethnic genetic interests are absent. This hasn’t stopped sleazy journalists from seeing NRx as the risorgimento of fascism in a tech company near you rather than the harmless intellectual pursuit that it is. These concepts shorn of little moustaches are still literally Hitler.

All expressions of non-mainstream non-leftist thought are pregnant with the possibility of White advocacy. When they are watered down the Left is insensitive to the author’s feelings, giving them a hit of their special nasal spray turning them from flaccid to ithyphallic. The Left can’t help themselves in moulding a fellow traveller out way in the distance into someone marching in lockstep with us, flipping the hardliners’ argument on its head whereby the weaker party becomes influenced by the stronger one. The Left are more aware of this fact about the world that eventually the stronger argument wins the day than self-styled fascists are. NRx is a testament to this fact having vastly become a stepping stone from libertarianism to the Alternative Right.

In the final instance being one hundred per cent on top of the finer details of our intellectual project is not necessary for a person of the Right. Where liberalism requires a philosophy, the Right in defending a particular order of a particular people does not. It is a point that ideologues in our midst do not understand instead thinking we need a top-down plan to implement rather than a way of seeing the world that is able to deal with the concrete circumstances of any given situation.

The Twitter trolls translate our critique of Conservatism Inc and “values conservatism” into hurling “cuck” at every National Review writer and this is nothing to be scoffed at. It too is important work.

The outer memesphere has been an unalloyed success in the Alternative Right’s game of 88D chess getting the Republican Party to adopt the “majority strategy.” The popularisers did not have the effect that the hardliners predicted but instead generated interest in the Alternative Right not so counter-intuitively. The media has repeated the same strategy they used with NRx and when Trump announced Breitbart Media’s executive chairman Stephen Bannon as his campaign CEO overnight Breitbart transformed into a White Nationalist site. The Sydney Morning Herald has elected to follow this line.

The US media has been trying to sow discord among likely Trump voters this week. Earlier it was reported that Trump is entertaining a flip-flop on deporting illegals, which was how they interpreted comments made in June. This can be seen as an attempt to alienate his core constituency of Whites conveying their utter contempt and lack of respect for Middle America thinking such spin could weaken Whites’ resolve.

Similarly, in a move that does nothing to dispel the idea that the Democrats have been setting the editorial line of US media but heightens such speculation, the press have anticipated Clinton’s speech in Nevada. It would be less time consuming to count the publications that didn’t have a piece drawing connections between Trump and the Alternative Right this week. David Weigel had two in WaPo alone, the latter includes an interview with Steve Sailer and the AmRen 2016 “We Didn’t Start The Movement” parody video.

Blind Freddy can see how Clinton’s Nevada speech will unfold. Trump will be accused of following the “majority strategy” attempting to get the biggest possible turn out of White voters with a view to negating the non-White Democrat vote. His latest outreach to blacks and Hispanics will be called into question and shown to be opportunistic and devoid of any substance. Trump is for Whites and is supported by White advocates and Identitarians which is the same as being in cahoots with them. That’ll be the gist of the speech.

Clinton has two aims with this speech. The first is to obscure the revelations of her own ties to extremists. It doesn’t get any closer than her top aide Huma Abedin having a taqiyya game so on point that it makes Waleed Aly look like a rank amateur. In effect this is an exercise in projection that will be broadcast right around the world. Secondly it is to make Trump Trump again in the electorates’ mind. The Clinton camp hope to push Trump as far Right as they can, making the “majority strategy” the only feasible option as Clinton monopolises the minority vote.

With this speech Clinton is declaring war on White America. There will be no concessions about legitimate concerns from the ‘losers of globalism,’ they will be glossed over with talk about “her vision of an America that is stronger together and where everyone has a role to play in the future.” In other words, quit your bitchin’, Whitey.

Crucially this move confirms what we have long held to be true, namely, that the Left have elected a new people to replace the historic majority in our countries. The Clinton camp think they too are playing a game of real world chess and are forcing Trump into a weaker position restricted to only White “pawns.” After eight years of Clinton this would be the intended coup de grâce but with present demographics it is premature and inadvertently reveals their end game.

It is difficult to see this as anything other than an own goal for the Clinton camp and a coup for the Alternative Right. In a matter of months, the Alternative Right has been able to shift the Overton Window through a series of proxy wars which will transition into open warfare on Thursday. Sam Francis prophesied all of this two decades ago and was purged by Conservatism Inc for it. The ghost of Sam Francis has the last laugh, however, as the Alternative Right is positioned to finish what he and countless others started.