A woman employed in a top Queensland university’s indigenous unit is seeking almost $250,000 in damages from jobless students, academics and others in a new legal challenge relying on Australia’s racial discrimination laws.

Cindy Prior accuses three staff at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane — professor­s Anita Lee Hong and Sharon Hayes, and equity director Mary Kelly — and five students in a racial vilification case that is set to reignite tensions over the law’s section 18C.

The case was triggered after three students, who wandered into the university’s computer lab at the Oodgeroo Unit in May 2013 looking for a place to use a computer, were asked by Ms Prior “whether they were indigenous”.

In legal documents filed in the Federal Circuit Court, Ms Prior says she told the three they were in “an indigenous space for Aborig­inal and Torres Strait students” and that there were other places they could use computers.

Ms Prior, a Noongar woman from the Ballardong nation in Western Australia, said: “The three men told (me) that they were not indig­enous.”

The students, along with two others, Chris Lee and Kyran Findlater, are now accused of racial vilification in Ms Prior’s 18C legal challenge, which is being run by Brisbane solicitor Susan Mori­arty.

How can we begin to comprehend the personal story of Cindy Prior and her lived experience in the context of a racist society? Aboriginal attacked by invaders in their safe spaces part II? Racism lives on in our universities? The fact that Indigenous women of colourTM still have to fear for their health and safety in the current year defies belief.

One of the amusing aspects of this case is the way that the three boys responded to being asked to leave the Indigenous computer room. These three good boys, all in their twenties and studying at university fallaciously believed in the principles of equality and the injustice of discrimination on the grounds of race -'colour-blindness' - that were de rigeur in their now dated epoch of the 1990's.

Their protests at being told to leave the Indigenous computer room were published to a Facebook page, and it is these comments that are the cause of Prior's $247,570.52 racial vilification claim against them and the University.

She asked the students to leave the unit and they went away. An hour later a Facebook page, called ‘QUT Stalker Space’, featured a post from one of the students, Alex Wood: “Just got kicked out of the unsigned indigenous computer room. QUT (is) stopping segregation with segregation.”

Another student, Jackson Powell, wrote on the Facebook page: “I wonder where the white supremacist computer lab is.”

The final stage of liberalism is, to be sure, anti-liberal. That is to say, the young men, who genuflect at the altar of 'anti-racism' by invoking moral disgust of 'white supremacists' and 'segregation' hold enlightenment principles (although perverted ones) of a cosmic sense of fairness and an abstract 'man' that ought to be treated equally before the law, and by custom.

At the time of the ancien régime the idea of a group raising its interests above another and using force to maintain that arrangement would have seemed completely ordinary. The story has come to its logical conclusion - all the talk about 'fairness', 'equality', 'social justice' has nothing to do with French enlightenment principles. It is plainly ethnic warfare designed to entrench the interests of one identifiable ethnic group over another. This is not seen as a kind of moral inconsistency. On the alt-right we would call these boys austistes. Their appeals to the historical boogey-men of 'segregation' and 'white supremacists' do nothing to mitigate their own counsel's 250k legal fees and the claim against them. It is in fact these protests that are the cause of the vilification case to begin with.

This is the naked, ugly power of white privilege. So powerful are words typed into the QUT Facebook group when tapped by white fingers that they cause psychiatric illness that can make one 'unfit for work'. It's shocking how little scientific literature is available on this phenomenon. Yet again, the curtains are drawn to cover the true costs of racism in Australian society.

There are of course still some reactionaries who want us to return to the time of celebrating 'one-ness' and 'unity' such as the Zionist victim of 18c, Andrew Bolt, who said on the matter of this case:

“The more we divide ourselves by race, the more we will see this kind of battle and these attempts to restric­t free speech.”

Poor Andrew Bolt still thinks that there is such thing as 'we'. He clearly hasn't been paying attention to Stan Grant about the true state of Australian society. "The Australian Dream is rooted in racism. It is the very foundation of the dream." The way forward for minorities is not the 'bootstraps' model proposed by conservatives - of turning non-whites white. To be fair to Labor and the Greens, that's been tried, and failed. The true 'small l' liberals are the conservatives.

The rainbow coalition of the left is at least realistic about the prospects of their constituents. Rent-seeking à la Jessie Jackson and MLK is the best that most of them can hope for. Never mind that this kind of moral browbeating might not work on all of us. They're throwing everything they've got behind it. All they need is you to be complicit.