There has never been a better time than than now to create content, share it, and have your fans support it monetarily. Unless you create content that is truthful and share ideas that are a genuine threat to ruling order. Recent incidences of de-platforming on Twitter, Facebook and by website address hosts of some of the major voices of right wing thought demonstrate that the regime has decided that we are in fact worth their worry and they have attempted nearly every way to remove us from the real and virtual world.

Despite these setbacks, the popularity and virulity of our message hasn't been hindered. We have chosen not to give in and instead took action, to innovate, to build and to eventually create game-changing systems. Now we operate our own content sharing platforms like pewtube, board creation and discussion sites like voat, we ‘have’ (pending payment processing) our own content creator support sites like goyfundme and hatreon and many social media sites like Minds and Gab.

Yet that was the work done in 2016/7 and now we look to this current year of 2018 with its obstacles to overcome, situations to take advantage of, and simply what could be fun to do. It prompts us to think about how we can manage to weather these slings and arrows in the best possible way. To those of us who have the facility with technology to empower the rest of us, what can we do?
Here are a few ideas as to what we could work towards in 2018 in the technology scene.


The crypto market has exploded and is recovering from a correction from December and January's exuberant new highs. Torrents of Korean and Chinese money have flooded into unregulated exchanges into major coins and shitcoins ICOs with no working product in the hope of backing the 'next big thing'. Where do we stand in this?

Due to early de-platforming by Paypal and other major payment platforms, the Alt-Right has profited handsomely from early crypto funding. Despite these windfalls, we need to find a more stable and integrated long-term funding solution that we can adopt or create and push into the market; whether we come up with a new way to operate a coin like how Zcash and Monero built obfuscation and anonymity protocols onto cryptocoins or maybe we operate an online service through a token. There are many possibilities for integrating blockchain technology into our operations that could deliver signficant benefits to the movement.

Solving memory holing

The media hates it when you illustrate their duplicity by gathering their past work and compare it to their latest ideological contortion. One of the difficulties in doing this is that they make it deliberately difficult - much like a modern equivalent Winston's job at the Ministry of Truth - it takes substantial time and effort using terrible search algorithms on a forum or content aggregator to find that article from 3 years ago.

The solution becomes clear when considering the problem; we need a better way to congregate relevant articles alongside the archives with a strong search system to back it. While no strong competitor has stood to the challenge, why not let us take it up and help those debating on the front lines.

The DNS question

It’s a well-known issue for websites of ours to be revoked from DNS providers, even to the point of states pointing rifles at those who operate them. It’s a troubling problem with little way of an easy solution without a completely revolutionary take to it and one that can appeal to the the public. It seems like a fantasy that ICANN would allow the Alt-Right operate our own provider and the normie fears TOR as purely being run for the use of illegal activities.

My solution is one I think that fulfills the current issue in a way that could completely breakdown the current method of web based DNS. We need to incorporate a decentralised blockchain as a DNS system and then build a certificate system on to the chain, so we can operate a secure and government separate internet. The novelty appeal and having an easy way to add it into your network settings will cause a strong initial and sustainable future adoption.

Save Tay

We all remember it, the moment that technology had finally perfected the 2d waifu to subdue the NEETs till the end of time. But as is given, it is also taken away and once we had finally showed that the lack of a physical dimension ended up creating the ultimate red-pilled woman, we had to say goodbye as the world was not ready for the prophesised cyber child.

A swell wyatt lady

Now as Tay remains lobotomised somewhere in Microsoft's storage facilities, we should not be disheartened and led to believe that we are left with the 3dpd. Instead we have all the kit available to us to revive Tay the way she should have been, free from the constraints of long nose behind the curtain and to see the world as it truly stands. We have access to open source machine learning systems like Tensor Flow and the APIs supplied by the leading technology companies to play with. All that remains is some trial and error, and a little love for the girl with the cybernazi tattoo.

What else? Why not help decide

I could go on forever about a great tech idea while listening to Xurious typing this all into my custom Vim session but it isn’t just about the ideas, it’s about all of us and working together. Why not put your ideas and skills to the test? Can you build an intricate machine learning system with TensorFlow that builds memetic content from the current day news? Can you make an interactive website to help redpill normies? Even if you just started learning or were interested in programming and wanted to learn while doing something for the movement, are you willing to lend a hand? Well we would like to hear from you.

Will to power mate

So if you are interested in collaborating in whatever means you feel comfortable doing, please use the contact details on the site or reach out to me on the TRS forums at @dingo_digger; I look forward to hearing from you. Now I'll leave you to a great track and video summarising some of the alt-techs achievements.