Ever heard the expression "a face like a slapped arse"? Well, here's one like a slapped Kardashian arse.


Tim Soup must feel like he is running on a treadmill (except obviously, to look at him, that there is no way he would know what that feels like): getting up every day to fight racism, only to find that there is always more and more racism to be fought.

The "Australian":

There are too many Anglo-­Celtic faces in the media and leading the nation, the Australian Human Rights Commission has argued, as it calls for greater ethnic and cultural diversity to “strengthen multiculturalism in Australia’’.

The AHRC, which regularly polarises public and political opinion, argues that while Australia’s multicultural society ­is strong, there are several ­issues with the potential to undermine its foundations.

These include racial discrimination, inflammatory rhetoric in public debates, and an under-representation of diversity in the ­nation’s institutions because the “ethnic and cultural default of leadership remains Anglo-­Celtic’’.


Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane, who is spearheading a campaign to introduce racial and cultural diversity targets in corporate Australia, yesterday hit back at critics of his push, claiming there had been attempts to “reopen ideological culture wars’’.

“On matters of race, we hear constantly about so-called political correctness running riot, or of cultural Marxism taking over public institutions,” Dr Soutphommasane told a Multicultural Mental Health Forum in Perth.

Yeah, right on. We should really be hearing more about the Holocaust, the Stolen Generations and how we aren't taking enough refugees given that we're a nation of immigrants. You never hear a word about these all-important topics.

“Some commentators complain about society being mollycoddled or of minorities having protections against hurt feelings. They complain about there not being enough freedom of speech to racially insult or offend others. And they complain when people are called out on racism. “They complain about people encouraging a ‘victim mentality’ or for ‘playing the victim’.

“Often you get the impression it is a graver offence to speak out against racism than it is to perpetrate racism.’’ His comments come after the Turnbull government, empowered by an angry backbench, ­earlier this week rejected an AHRC-led campaign for racial and cultural diversity targets to be pushed on corporate Australia.

Poor Tim, all he wants to do is throw Whites onto the dole queue! Time the government really started taking racism seriously, maybe set up some kind of commission.

The AHRC’s July 2016 ­reform blueprint, called Leading for Change, recommended that organisations consider “sending signals on cultural diversity” by collecting data on the cultural backgrounds of employees in ­addition to the setting of aspirational targets.


During his speech yesterday, Dr Soutphommasane also claimed “our society is becoming more sadistic’’, pointing to trolling of social media.

“Facebook has become a cesspool of bigotry and racism. Social media has become a breeding ground of hate,’’ he said.

Dr Soutphommasane said that following the news last week that Yassmin Abdel-­Magied was moving to London, Yahoo 7 ran an online poll about whether she should move or face her critics.

“People may have disagreed with Abdel-Magied but some of the vitriol directed at her had a clear racial tinge,’’ he said.

The thing this fat-faced interloper doesn't get is that White Australians only have patience for invasive subspecies to the extent that they feel sorry for them.

This is true anyway of normal people not heavily ideologically invested in cultural Marxism. You know, "normies." But even those retarded enough to go to university and waste time and money getting brainwashed with "whiteness studies" are going to start rebelling once they realise that the only advantage to signalling agreement with 3rd world animal mascots is symbolic, while the shrinking number of jobs they themselves are qualified for are being forcibly diversified.

I haven't been on a uni campus (except to tear down SJW posters from bollards) for a good many years, but if the internet is anything to go by, I dare say that young White men are getting pretty sick of this shit.

"People" like Tim "Pho-intellectual" Souphommasane, Yassmin "Ms Whippy" Magied, et al. are doing a great job of wearing down normie patience by showing how ungrateful, demanding and downright parasitic they--and by extension all their kind--really are. If the face that comes to mind when you think of multiculturalism is one of theirs, associated with the knowledge that they are the smug recipients of your tax dollars which they use to blackball and berate you--then the result is not going to be greater tolerance for White displacement. It is instead going to be "What the hell are these parasites doing in my country? GTFO!"

When the pathetic yard sale that is our 21st century economy finally winds up, no one will have any time whatsoever for feeding the pigeons with their children's food.

So Tim, please, just keep doing what you are doing. Don't change a thing.



"State-of-the-art racist troll"– Andrew "skype rat" Jakubowicz


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