The Convict Report Episode 102: Straight Outta Melbourne

  • The-only-thing-more-fire-than-the-weather-is-using-NBN-to-download-Thai-wives-in-regional-Australia s**tposting
  • Sam Dastyari: ta-ta and farewell to Succulent Huang’s kickbacks.
  • Background and facts on Sino-collusion
  • Gustav le Dingo’s psychology of hate-filled crowds and the Lüggenpresse
  • Ethnic interests and cuckoldry in the Bennelong by-election
  • State of the political duopoly
  • Three chimp-outs on non-consecutive occasions, or, the case for open-carry laws
  • Melbourne slave trade
  • Litany of third worldisms in Australian capital cities
  • SBS arguing for a more radical agenda than Safe Schools
  • Leaf posting
  • KRudd’s greatest hits
  • D’nations


Aussie Tory

Last generation 1.0, first generation Alt Right. A VB drinker.


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