What do you call a man with the following resume?

  • Child of (((Polish))) immigrants who left in 1939;
  • Sociology professor at UTS, specialising in “race relations, theories of cultural and ethnic diversity, disability and media”;
  • Gave a lecture at the Holocaust Remembrance Centre entitled “Jewish Refugees and Shanghai”;
  • Wrote a book called “For those Who’ve Come Across the Seas…” advocating multiracialism in Australia;
  • Director of the Centre for Multicultural Studies at the University of Wollongong;
  • Co-director of the UTS Centre for Cosmopolitan Civil Societies;
  • Receives funding from the ARC, the Human Rights Commission and VicHealth, for research on cyber-racism.

If you answered “a Jewish ethnic activist” you’d be an anti-Semite. The correct answer is “a moral and intellectual authority and a passionately engaged and loyal ciziten of our proud multicultural nation.”

His name is (((Andrew Jacubowicz)))—yes, I believe the echoes are on his birth certificate, alongside the Star of Baalam—and he’s recently authored a pontificatory piece of waffle over at that dispensary of elite wisdom to the pretentious, 100+ IQ segment of the masses which is known as The Conversation. His contention? Get ready, it’s pretty groundbreaking: Australia is an “ethnocracy” run by and for privileged White males. It begins:

Amid the post-truth barrage engulfing Australian politics, one claim that needs a dose of testing is Malcolm Turnbull’s statement that Australia is the world’s leading multicultural society.

Anyone watching the reaction of ethnic communities to the triple whammy of the Section 18C “review”, the “Muslim terrorist grandchildren” accusations and the African youth crime wave claims would notice that it’s only in the Turnbull tower that such a post-truth might survive its utterance.

“Post-truth,” eh? Well it would be a lot easier to assess the truth of claims that some ethnicities are overrepresented in Australian crime figures if those crime figures were broken down by race and released to the public—something opposed by the likes of Jacubowitz. As a result of this Orwellian situation, we are forced to make inferences based on the evidence we do have.

For example, Africans. After a spate of high profile, un-ignorable outbreaks of African crime related to the Sudanese-Somali "Apex" gang, such as the Moomba riots in Melbourne CBD, and a welter of person and property crimes in suburbs where these people live (Dandenong, Melton, etc.), African criminality has begun once again to receive media attention over the past year.

Victorian Police Commissioner Graham Ashton did everything but point the finger at these groups (all the while making the most saccharine excuses and promising to do nothing about it), while community representatives were quoted acknowledging that a huge problem exists among their youth.

Another piece of the puzzle: here's a piece from the Huffington Post about poor underprivileged Sudanese turning to violence in Omaha in the US. It's the same thing. More community representatives complaining that their good boys have been corrupted by the White man’s society and (in White liberal paraphrase) that they've to send them back home to “break the cycle of offending.”

Furthermore, on the Somali side of things, there's this damning evidence from Denmark, showing an approximately 1000% higher crime rate among Somalis there than among the native population.

And if Jacubowicz is going to call Peter Dutton a liar for his comments on Lebanese terrorism, etc., let’s have it out in the open. If he's not afraid of the truth, he should call on the authorities to publically release the facts about crime rates by race.

The common factor might be Lebanese nationality, or more likely it might be Moslem religion, twined with non-White race. Here's a stupid graph from the leftist HuffPo, intended to make us check our White privilege by showing that Moslems are the biggest victims of their own terrorism:

On the other hand, we mustn't generalise. Maybe the criminals and terrorists in Oz are all White, committing all manner of fiendish acts under cover of secret Nazis in the Government and Justice system? Well, it’s one theory:

So, how is it that, in the blink of an eye, such a cavalcade of anti-multiculturalist initiatives can erupt? Recent research looking at other countries suggests an explanation – however discomforting it may be.

Australia as a Commonwealth was founded as an “ethnocracy” in 1901. It was designed to ensure nationals of British descent would be able to create a society populated by individuals as much like themselves as possible. And it has yet to fully transition to a more egalitarian pluralist contemporary democracy.


Ethnocracy describes societies where democracy exists for the dominant ethnic groups, but is less available to cultural and religious minorities.

Recent studies of contemporary ethnocracies include Jerusalem, Belfast and Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco.

In each of these culturally and/or religiously diverse cases we find democratic structures, widely available suffrage and a free-ish – if nevertheless self-interested – media.

Interesting that he mentions Jerusalem—but of course many left-wing Jews pay lip service to opposing Israeli racism against the Palestinians, then go ahead and devote 99% of their propaganda efforts to bashing the White man.

In any case, this is some real chutzpah. Jews are wildly over-represented in the media globally, not to mention in other positions of power. Here's a chart from 2013, showing Presidents, CEOs, Founders, Owners, Vie-Presidents and Chairmen of the most powerful English language media outlets in the world. Red = Jews.

Sure, Jewish media control in Australia is more subtle (unless the rumours about Rupert Murdoch are true), being exercised mainly via the dependence of our smaller media companies' on overseas-produced content, and our home-grown journalists towing the line in order to make a career in an international field.

And this is not even going in to Jewish over-representation in other powerful professions, or their influence on our Government. But please, Rabbi, favour us with more of your wisdom…

Australia displays many of the hallmarks of such an ethnocracy – albeit one cloaked in the rhetoric of multiculturalism.

Federal cabinet and the ruling parties’ leadership are almost totally of long-standing Australian or Western European background. Despite 25% of Australia’s population having non-Anglo-European forebears, there is little or no sign of these antecedents producing descendants who have moved into key politico-cultural management roles. […]

The ABC has a board that reflects the people hardly at all. Its appointment as managing director of a woman with a Chinese mother – Michelle Guthrie – was so striking that it continues to draw attention.

I guess in Jacubowicz’s post-truth vocabulary, taking in millions of people from competing ethnic groups and handing over our national resources to them at the cost of our own descendants is just something to do with language ("rhetoric"), as opposed to actual physical reality. Becoming a minority in our own country is just a “cloak” for some insidious white power structure known only to sociological (((researchers))).

Of course, the anti-White Hapa Michelle Guthrie succeeded to the post vacated by Justice (((James Spiegelman))). He was an Aboriginal rights activist in the ‘60s and afterwards Senior Advisor and Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister Gough Whitlam, placing him at the heart of the clique that dismantled what was then left of White Australia.

More kvetching:

The High Court is about to have a widely respected woman, Susan Kiefel, as chief justice – but no judges who have non-European or even mixed heritage.

Now, why doesn’t he mention that fellow-tribesman and real Jew's Jew James Edelman has also just been appointed? Does this count as “Western European” background in anyone’s book? Maybe in the Talmud passages that endorse lying to the goyim.

Moreover, perhaps the reasons Whites are over-represented (to the extent that we are) in elite positions has to do with:

  1. the fact that this is our country, which our ancestors built and which we alone have a right to inhabit (with some set-asides for Aboriginals who should be allowed to resume their traditional mode of life without taxpayer subsidy);
  2. the historically and scientifically attested fact that Whites are more talented that most—or to be honest, any—other groups in the world (with the exception of Jews, who excel in all manner of dishonest dealings, as exemplified by the “son of Jacob” under discussion here).

In other words, Australia was as little as 40 years ago essentially a white ethnostate—you know, like the one the Jews have for themselves over in Israel. Still, for Jacubowicz it’s a scandal that we aren’t looking even snappier about dismantling and handing over what our ancestors carved out of the wilderness at great personal cost, to the third world masses he and his co-ethnics favour to replace us.

Predictably, he now goes on to whip up the white guilt into soft, quivering, sugary peaks:

Australia adopted its first refugee policy in 1977, in the midst of dealing with its first-ever major refugee waves from non-European societies.


From the outset, the refugees of the mid-1970s were framed by the racial debates of the time. Their cultural background was almost unknown in Australia. As the rougher edges of the traumatised refugee communities began to appear – often associated with crime, drugs and violence – Australian public discourse about refugees was shaped by public attitudes to race and religion.

Repeatedly, the cultures of the refugees, which have proved to be wonderfully adaptive to the twists and turns of Australian modernity in the past 40 years, have been publicly tarred on the basis of transgressions by minorities among them.

The real question should be what have Lebanese, Vietnamese, Sudanese and the rest actually contributed to Australia? How are we and out descendants better off for having them here? If there were appreciable benefits beyond pho soup and kebab, I’m sure Jacubowicz wouldn’t hesitate to enumerate.

Now here’s a photo of Australia’s most wanted, 2016 edition:

Based on surnames and appearance, between 42-52% of these crims are non-White. But since, despite the slippery Skype's made-up statistic previously cited, no one knows what percentage of Australians are White (i.e. actually Australian), this is not very helpful. Since the '70s, when they simultaneously brought in the policy of Multiculturalism and stopped keeping records on the racial composition of the society, the Government and its string-pullers have been literally carrying out a dangerous experiment on our children's future, blindfolded.

Of course, the fact that the men pictured above are fugitives is going to skew the ethnic balance in favour of Whites and Asians, who have a higher average IQ and therefore would be better at living on the run. It also isn’t going to be representative of the sort of youth crime about which Victoria Police Commissioner recently called a handwringing summit where the main question discussed was what can be done to avoid locking criminals up.

Back to Jacubowicz' Semitic maunderings:

Such antagonism occurs in many other situations where ethnocracies find their power or interests under threat. Whole communities and neighbourhoods are characterised as though they contain nothing but angry and violent young men bent on destruction and eager for corrupt opportunities.

But, for example, many of Sydney’s most successful criminals and corrupt officials have nothing to do with either of the two communities most often branded as threats to good order, and live nowhere near them. Class factors also seem to be at work. The issues raised in condemnation usually exclude the white-collar crimes associated with residents of more salubrious, Euro-Australian neighbourhoods.

Well, since it’s apparently okay for Jacobowitz to allege without evidence that Whites are responsible for the most white collar crime, I will go ahead and counter-allege that the worst offenders are probably Jews. In fact, as The Washington Times notes, despite stereotypes, in the US (where rudimentary racial crime stats are kept) Africans are overrepresented in white collar crime in addition to street crime.

If we think about Australia as an ethnocracy, where advocates of democratic pluralism push back against proponents of a singular Anglo moral hierarchy, then the convulsions shaking the multicultural policy space become more explicable.

Now, guess where our Holocaust-surviving friend is going next in his narrative...


Both the government MP responsible for multicultural affairs, Zed Seselja, and the chair of the Australian Multicultural Council, Sev Ozdowski, are ardent advocates of cutting the protections against bigotry under Section 18C.

Carrying a torch for multiculturalism is no guarantee of anything to do with defending the rights of slandered minorities. Instead, it reveals something about the way multiculturalism under the current government has become a shield for advancing ethnocracy’s prerogatives.

In fact, the worst thing about sections 18C is that truth is no defense. (Actually, that's more a problem with 18D, the worthlessly vague section of the Race Discrimination Act dealing with protected speech.)

About this crappy notion of “ethnocracy.” It would only make sense if you had a relatively small (((ethnic group))) pulling the strings from elite positions in society, because as everyone but Marxist true believers and anarchists knows, power and centralisation go hand-in-hand.

Another problem: when did we become an “ethnocracy”? Was it when Australia was still White? But that would make no sense. Who were we ruling over? The Aboriginals? A handful of Kanakas, Chinese and Afghans who most of us didn’t want here in the first place? I guess we, the White majority, must have risen to power in some sort of secret coup later on, maybe when multicultural policy started being rammed down our throats. This was a policy no one voted for but that was adopted in a bipartisan way and has never been challenged from within the mainstream. Yet all the while some kind of White supremacist secret society has been running things in the interests of the White majority. Sure, mate, whatever you say...

This Jew, whose family was given refuge from the Nazis out of misplaced kindness, stands revealed as an ungrateful parasite living off Australians’ tax money while devoting his life to slandering us and our history. He should immediately go and exercise his Right of Return. Then, in Israel, he can spend his time haranguing fellow Jews about the need to make Israel multicultural. I’m sure they'll give his views a warm welcome.



"State-of-the-art racist troll"– Andrew "skype rat" Jakubowicz


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