Nazi Pranksters Terrorise Immature Terrorists with Pig’s Head


The offending offal may have looked like this.

If there's one thing more hateful than a pig’s head, it’s a rotten pig’s head. And if there’s one thing more hateful than that, it’s a rotten pig’s head in a bag with a swastika drawn on it at a taxpayer-funded terrorist training camp, possibly left there by the terrorists themselves.

One of Queensland’s largest Islamic schools has referred what it described as a hate crime to police after a backpack emblazoned with a swastika and containing a pig’s head was left at the front gate.

Shocked staff at the Islamic College of Brisbane discovered the bag and rotting meat at 6.30am on Wednesday, hours before more than 1,000 students, some as young as five, were due to pass through the school entrance.

Imagine the evil of targeting children for a hate crime.

Ali Kadri, a spokesman for the Islamic council of Queensland, said it was the type of “hate crime” that sprang from the “demonisation of [Islamic] schools”.

“Not talking about it just doesn’t help. It’s important to show that there is so much extremism out there that people will get up at six in the morning to do these kind of things,” he said.

Goes to show you the times we are living in. Time was, racist haters were all late sleepers...or something.

“It’s the normalisation, the demonisation of the schools that leads to these kind of problems. It’s people who demonise Islamic schools without knowing what goes on there.”

Which is it Ali, “demonisation” or “normalisation”? Or are you just pretending you know how to use big words?

"But hey," the normie reader may exclaim at this point, "it's not fair to hold ALL Moslems accountable to the actions of a few extremists! Sure, Whites can be eternally shamed with the Holocaust, The Crusades, Slavery, The Stolen Generations...but that's different!"

The Islamic college of Brisbane is among those schools owned by the Sydney-based Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, which has come under scrutiny in some news outlets over financial governance and government funding arrangements in recent years.

Ah yes, rings a bell. This was the same school that last year misappropriated millions in funding and channelled it to the Australian Federation of Islamic Charities, which then was exposed as having given $53 million to ISIS.

And now, out of the blue, we have all this demonisation and normalisation against innocent Moslems going on. For goodness’ sake, people really need to learn that there are good Moslems and a tiny, infinitesimally small minority of bad Moslems, and the bad ones aren’t really Moslems anyway, just random, wicked individuals with no connection to true Islam whatsoever.



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