Mutuma Ruteere is a black African from Kenya who holds a UN sinecure, the much-abbreviated title of which is “Special Rapporteur on Racism.” He is recipient of charity from whites who kindly gave him a suit and glasses to wear and paid for his university education in the UK, where he developed such an overwhelming sense of racial inferiority that he devoted his life to attacking his benefactors.


"Keel de farmer, keel de Boer!—I mean, aboleesh all farms of recial deescrimineshan!”

He has recently been in the media to condemn Australia for racism, no doubt sparking a turf war with our resident shakedown artist Tim Phởsoupmasanne of the Racial Discrimination Commission in the process. (It is suspected that the recent bullet holes in the exterior of the UN Headquarters in Canberra are the work of Laotian-Chinese Street Gangs owing allegiance to their deceptively soft-spoken leader.)

Mutuma is piling on in the impotent leftist rage attack against heroic secret Nazis Pauline Hanson and Peter Dutton, following the Immigration Minister’s recent comments that ending the White Australia Policy was the work of “Jews and traitors” and that Lebos “need to be gassed.” Our Kenyan critic also likely registered the highly controversial decision by the Turnbull Government to rename his party the Liberal Socialist Australian Workers’ Party, and to commence recruiting for a new paramilitary wing of the LSAWP. Heady times!


Mr Ruteere said Australia was not unique among western democracies in grappling with popular support for parties with discriminatory policies and racist views.

He said the "danger" for Australia was the experience of other countries where "the fringe elements keep moving to the centre, to the mainstream [and] the fringe becomes the mainstream".

"That's a threat not just for Australia but all open multicultural societies. This is something open democratic states need to be aware about and to take pre-emptive action against," Mr Ruteere said.

Western democracies were "reckoning with history", he said, and "have to make the decision whether to confront the bigots and racists who purport to speak for the people but contradict" the values on which those societies were founded, such as equality of all people.

Mr Ruteere's visit to Australia coincided with the final two weeks of Parliament in which Immigration Minister Peter Dutton was criticised by Labor, the Greens, security experts and multicultural groups when he suggested Australia's immigration program in the 1970s had made "mistakes".


Mistakes? What mistakes? (They looked Hu-white to Arthur Calwell…)

So where does this Mutuma hail from? Is he a member of some peaceful tribe of noble savages sickened by the wickedness of civilised humanity? Some blessed land without borders where goods and chattels are shared alike by all, and where every stranger is just a friend you haven't met?

No, he’s from Kenya, a land currently experiencing its own problems with needy brown people.

The Guardian, from May this year:

Kenya has vowed to close the world’s biggest refugee camp within a year and send hundreds of thousands of Somalis back to their war-torn homeland or on to other countries, a plan decried by aid and human rights groups as dangerous, illegal and impractical.

Kenya says it needs to close the sprawling Dadaab camp, home to 330,000 mostly Somali refugees, to protect the country’s security after a string of terror attacks by al-Shabaab.

The Somalia-based militant group was behind the massacre of nearly 150 students at a university last summer and the Westgate mall siege in Nairobi in 2013, as well as other deadly attacks.

Just because they kill you by the hundreds doesn’t mean you can exclude them from your society! These Kenyans are as racist as Donald Trump—or for that matter Peter Dutton with his divisive and dangerous hate-truths about the grotesque overrepresentation of second and third generation Lebs among allahu snackbars.

Kenya’s second-biggest camp, in Kakuma, which largely houses refugees from South Sudan, appears to have been spared for now, although earlier government announcements had said all refugees would be told to leave. Those at Dadaab have been given until the end of May 2017 to depart Kenya.

The United Nations and aid groups have said the closure of one or both camps could be devastating, and said that even if Kenya tries to push ahead, it may not be possible to force large numbers of people over the border into a country where a war is still raging.


Human Rights Watch said it feared that a government desperate to empty the camps might resort to abuse and violence. Gerry Simpson, a senior researcher and advocate for the refugee programme, said such tactics were used three years ago when the Kenyan government decided to move refugees from scattered lives in cities into camps.

“Do they have buses to take 350,000 people across the border? No, so I think the aim of sowing fear though abuses and harassment is likely to be the strategy,” he said. Simpson cited rape, extortion, fear, beatings and arbitrary detention among the abuses that pushed Somalis to flee the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.

“Back in 2013, that strategy was pretty successful – thousands of Somalis left because of the overall level of abuse against the community,” he added.

So—for now—Kenya hosts the “world’s largest refugee camp.” This doesn’t mean they are permanently resettling their share of the world’s refugees, however. In contrast, according to the Refugee Council, in 2015 “Australia offered 9,399 refugees the chance to be resettled in Australia – less than ten percent of permanent global resettlement places but ranking third overall in resettling refugees, behind the US and Canada.”

Clearly, these Kenyans just have no humanity. Not only do they refer to these poor, innocent human beings as “terrorists” just because they frequently commit acts of terror, they don’t even appear in the honour roll of refugee-resettling countries at all. Shame, Kenya, shame!

As if that weren’t bad enough, while Australia is currently 23rd in the worldwide ranking of countries by net immigration; Kenya is 121st. Will Mutuma step forward and admonish his mother country?

Maybe as soon as he's finished rubbishing our besieged traditions of free speech?

"Removing [Section 19C of the Race Discrimination Act] would undermine the efforts taken by the various levels of government for an inclusive Australia and open the door to racist and xenophobic hate speech, which has been quite limited thanks to this provision," Mr Ruteere said.

Which raises the question, does Kenya have hate speech laws? You bet. The reason being that Kenyans, like other Africans, need these sorts of laws to keep them from genociding each other Rwanda-style. The legislation was enacted in response to the mayhem that followed a presidential election in 2007, in which the various mutually hostile tribes that comprise Kenyan society murdered each other and set things on fire on a rather large scale due to disagreement about the legitimacy of the result, killing 13,000 of their countrymen and displacing 600,000.

…Six hundred thousand refugees, that is, who din' even do nuffin’. And get this—with our generous humanitarian program, we Aussies have been helping to mop up this Kenyan mess ever since!1

Incidentally, does this remind you of anything going on today, on a smaller scale, in a certain country that's just had a Presidential election where voting is increasingly along ethnic lines and where a narrow white majority just managed to elect their preferred Presidential candidate? Is there a moral to be derived here…? Something about diversity being a strength, no doubt.

Australia, of course, is in no position to judge. We got our much-needed hate speech legislation as a result of the ginormous pogroms committed by Australian Nazis after WW2 when the truth emerged that the only reason we had to fight against our German brothers was the Eternal Jew’s insidious influence throughout the Anglosphere. Fortunately, by the 1970s the surviving Hebrews had regrouped and, with the help of Yahweh, by purely open and democratic means managed to convince the repentant Aussie holocausters to mend their ways.

As Brenton Sanderson wrote in his classic series of essays at the Occidental Observer:

[Jewish Academic] Andrew Markus proudly observes that “Jews were amongst the leading advocates of the enactment and extension of racial vilification and anti-discrimination legislation by the federal and state parliaments.” In truth, the achievement of the twin Jewish goals of ending the White Australia policy and instituting state-sponsored multiculturalism were attained with the passing into law of the Racial Discrimination Bill of 1975 which stated: “It is unlawful for a person to do any act involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

This, dear friends, is why we pay the salaries of the likes of Muteere Rutumu. (Yep, despite the relatively small size of our population, Australia is the 13th largest contributor to UN coffers.) If he who pays the piper calls the tune, we ought to expect that the UNHCR will soon be making a statement against the White Genocide taking place in our country and around the world.

I hereby call upon the (not at all pretentiously named) Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, Ruteema Mutuma, to condemn as genocidal forced assimilation the phenomenon of mass non-White immigration into all White countries. I’m sure he’ll get around to it any day.

  1. In fact, crunch the Immigration Department numbers since 2007 and you'll find that, at 0.6% of total, Australia has taken in more than its share if we divide the total number of Kenyan refugees (600,000) by 196 (the number of countries that exist in the world). But is this our fair share? Only if you accept that refugees should be settled without regard to their geographical or ethno-racial proximity to host populations.



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